Quran House

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Sheikh Abdul Rahman Ahmed Sharaf

Language and Translation, specializing in Islamic Studies in English

Language Proficiency

Professional Roles

 Devoted Muslim Preacher: Committed to inviting non-Muslims to embrace Islam.
Supervisor  Fulfilling pivotal roles at various Islamic centers.
Educator Imparting Quranic knowledge for over three years, specializing in recitation with Tajweed rules.

Alma Mater

Al-Azhar University
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Quranic Expertise

Quran Memorization: Entire Quran committed to memory.
Ijaza: Received Ijaza in the Hafs recitation from a revered sheik.
Teaching Experience: Over three years of equipping students with the skill of Quranic recitation.

Educational Background

Islamic Disciplines: Diligent study of various Islamic texts, including the biography of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Fiqh, Usol al-Fiqh ,Tafsir, Aqeedah, atheism and Hadith.
Comprehensive Courses: Successfully completed courses in diverse Islamic domains.
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Teaching and Communication Skills

Language Instructor: Expertise in teaching Fus-ha (Standard Arabic).
Effective Communication: Equipping learners with the ability to comprehend and communicate effectively in Arabic.


Dedicated to spreading authentic Islamic knowledge through Quran and Sunnah by publishing posts and videos on the YouTube channel, facebook,others and engaging with people on the ground.


Phone number: +2001110515106
Gmail account: bshrf2273@gmail.com