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Quran House - Best Quran And Arabic Learning Academy

Begin your journey with us as a student and you will be a teacher. Prophet Muhammud (PBUH), stated that "The best among you Muslims" is anyone who learns the Quran and teaches it.

Standing out from the crowd with deep knowledge of Islam Quran House helps you become an active Muslim who can understand all aspects of your religion. We teach our students everything they will need to become better Muslims. Tafseer and Hadith, Aqeedah and Tazkiyah are just a few of the many topics we teach our students.


Making online teaching easy and fun. Besides, merging between theoretical knowledge and its application as knowledge is not mere information, rather, it is what benefits and changes others.

Why Quran House?

Set Your Suitable Schedule and We Will Do the Rest

Plan your program as you wish foreasy learning. So, you'll alwaysbeready to learn!

Meet a Pool of Top-Tier Professional Tutors

We accurately select Azhari instructors to exceed your expectations and optimize your learning experience.

Progress Tracking

To recognize your position at the learning curve, we provide complete accomplishment reports; so that you can track and evaluate your level and progress.

Enjoy one-on-one Live Sessions for Microlearning

We construct easily understandable courses that teach you in small steps your brain can digest.

Well Engage via a Classes Monitoring System

To apply the top quality deep learning, our system deeply involves you with the tutors and subjects.

Feel Safe With Every Payment You Make

You can pay your bills via PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards, and Bank Transfer. We make every transaction safely done

100% Money back guarantee

Student satisfaction is our top priority. We work hardly and efficiently to ensure that our efforts meet their expectations. If you are not satisfied with our courses, we will refund your payment.

Quran Group Halaqa

We provide Group halaqah for
1- male students
2- female students
3- family members

Special Packages

We offer special packages for our students when they bring their family members and friends. Take advantage of discounted rates and special packages and enjoy our online tuition services.

Completion Certificates

Each student will receive a certificate at the end of the course with no additional cost. Certificates give you permission that you are now qualified to teach others what you have learned.

Our tutors are

A- Native Arabic Tutors.
B- Certified From the oldest Islamic university, Alazhar university.
C- They hold Ijaza in Quran and islamic knowledge.

10% discount for families

10% discount for families who study more than 10 hours. 20% discount for families who study more than 20 hours. 10% Discount for family or friends recommendation.

Download & Read Quran House Company Profile

Below You will find the attached profile of Quran House and its credentials. Download the PDF and enjoy reading.

Quran House Company Profile

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