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How to Learn Arabic For Beginners? | A 7-Steps Guide

How to Learn Arabic For Beginners

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If you want to learn Arabic, it is a wise decision. Arabic is a language spoken by more than 353.6 million people around the world. Arabic is easy to learn, however, it needs clear and effective steps to follow to get excellent results in a short time. Curious to know the 7 steps to learning Arabic for beginners? Let’s explore!

What’s Arabic?

Before you start learning Arabic as a beginner, you should know enough about the origin and backstory of creating this language rich with expressions and vocabulary.

Arabic is a Semitic language that first emerged in the Arabian Peninsula. It became one of the most important and powerful languages since the rise of Islam, where the revelation also came to present the Holy Quran in Arabic.

It is a 28-character language spoken by people inhabiting North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, northwest Asia, and many countries in Eastern Africa and the Indian Ocean.

How to learn Quranic Arabic for beginners?

One of the most important reasons to learn the Arabic language is to understand the Quran. Because the Quran is a Muslims Islamic holy book and is the source of knowledge and faith for all Muslims. 

Therefore by learning the Arabic Language will manage to Understand the Quran‏ with more clarity of his principles. While the Quran’s religious text has been translated into other languages (including English) you may lose out on some of the intricacies of the meanings if you don’t read it in the source language. 

Why do you need to learn Arabic?

A reason is a trigger for any decision we take in our lives, how big or small it was. That’s why learning a new language should be a decision that is based on a personal convincing reason. It inspires you and provides enough energy to go on and take further steps, if you don’t have that reason, don’t start and save time!

That’s your first step!

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How to learn Arabic For Beginners

#1 Seek your strong reason for learning Arabic

It could be career advice, a hobby, or even a way to know more about Islam, there are lots more, so pick your reason wisely. Link the reason with the dialect you want to nail, worth to be mentioned Arabic has numerous dialects that include:

  • Egyptian
  • Levantine (Jordanian, Syrian, etc.)
  • Modern Standard Arabic MSA
  • Quranic
  • Kuwaiti

Check for example our Arabic Learning Programs as well as the Best MSA And Fusha Arabic Online Course With Natives.

#2 Determine many Arabic Books for beginners and other references 

Now you have your engine igniter, where could your start point be found? Arabic books for beginners represent a great help. You have to determine multiple books that are verified references and trusted resources to learn Arabic. Here are some excellent choices:

A. Arabic Character Writing For Dummies

It’s a perfect reference for writing every Arabic letter individually or as a part of a word. A start that will put you on the right track, where you recognize the Arabic Alphabet and the early basics of writing.

B. The Ultimate Beginners Learning Guide: Master The Fundamentals Of The Arabic Language

After getting the basics of the Arabic language in the form of letters and way of writing, you’re ready to know the daily used vocabulary, different tenses, and basic Grammar conditions.

C. St. Lawrence University Arabic Multimedia Collection

It’s time to practice your ear for Arabic listening! St. Lawrence University offers a wide range of audio resources that vary between songs, stories, etc.

D. Read and Speak Arabic for Beginners with Audio CD

You’ve written, read, and listened. How to speak is still missing. This e-book will give you the opportunity to train your tongue and do some effort through activities.

You may be interested in this article: Top 9 Short Books Of Tajweed In English – Learn Tajweed PDF For Advanced And Beginners

#3 Discover online communities with the same objectives

Knowing new people with similar goals will help you to develop your skills and always find better ways to learn Arabic as a beginner. Communities on Quora, Reddit, and Facebook represent excellent compasses toward better learning resources and positive competition. You can make the most use of these communities by establishing Arabic conversation Clubs so that you will get new vocabulary and practice your acquired language. 

Arabic Online courses are an outstanding way to learn Arabic remotely, they also help you to make new friends. You will also cooperate with instructors and colleagues establishing many channels for learning and gaining knowledge.

#4 Listen to podcasts and watch Arabic documentaries

Challenge yourself and start listening to podcasts that discuss topics you are aware of, this makes you easily link the information you have with the sentences and words you listen to. The biggest benefit of a podcast is that it makes you less distracted and keeps you focused for a longer time. As well as, watching documentaries that illustrate knowledge you have previously known will positively help you. 

Here we recommend 5 of the best podcasts you can listen to:

  1.  ArabicPod101
  2. Arabic in 60 Steps
  3. SBS Arabic
  4. Sharjah Art Foundation

#5 Speak to native Arabic speakers

Look for suitable individuals and native Arabic speakers that could help you with your new language. There are multiple ways to practice Arabic with native speakers either through the web where you could find language exchange websites and tutors that are ready to listen to you, on social media platforms and career platforms, or through traveling to an Arabic-speaking country if there is an available opportunity.

#6 Develop hobbies and play games related to learning Arabic

Starting to think in Arabic rather than your mother tongue is a bit challenging. However, playing games that push you to use the Arabic language will make you think in that language, like crossword games, which are perfect games to train your brain muscle and answer questions in Arabic based on critical thinking of the same language. 

As well as, doing Arabic calligraphy will make you love the language more and more, as it turned out to be a way of drawing not just fonts.

#7 Find a mentor

Find a qualified mentor that will help you throughout the full educational process, a step-by-step guide that will coach you to reach your goal faster, keep an eye on your progress, and motivate you to continue without giving up. A mentor will provide a clear program with defined milestones to check the quality of each step you have taken. 

Arabic Tutors are available online, and you can find many educational centers that will provide you with highly experienced mentors. 

“Practice Makes Perfect” is a quote that you should keep in mind and believe in. Practicing is the most important element of learning any language, even if you are still terrible at grammar.

Is Arabic hard to learn? – Learn Quranic Arabic

The answer is no, wherefore prepare these important tips‏ help you easy to how to learn about Islam online:

  • Learn the Tajweed‏: To avoid mispronunciation of words and terminology in the Quran, it’s the best way to read the Quran. 
  • must follow certain recitation rules called tajweed to simulate the way the prophet Mohammed recited the Quran.
  • Study Basic Grammar‏: You can study the basic grammar of Quranic Arabic to gain an initial understanding of the most basic basics, such as making a good sentence, it will only take a little time a day
  • Study Arabic to English (or your mother language: The importance of learning Arabic comes to facilitate reading the Qur’an and realizing its purposes in a deep understanding. 
  • To reap the benefits easily, you have to learn how to translate Arabic into English, or into your native language, and not the other way around. About, so that you can focus only on learning the basics of that.
  • Study Quran-specific Terminology‏: The Qur ‘includes many terms and vocabulary specific to Islam that you will not find in everyday life.
  •  Luckily, there are only 300 words that represent over 70% of the entire book? You can simply learn it to save you a lot of effort and time so that you can easily read The Qur ‘an.

Follow these tips to improve your learning experience, and I promise you will be amazed at how you can learn a new language by learning to read The Qur ‘.

Are you learning Arabic? Navigate our website to know how we can help you!

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