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Unveiling the Truth: can i hold quran without wudu?

can I read Quran without wudu

The Quran is a sacred flower of an eternal scent of purity and holiness, and attaining this one precious rose isn’t a simple thing; our hands that touch it must be elevated to a similarly holy purity approved by Allah, and our minds cleared from any sinful fog. Can I touch or hold the Quran […]

can I read Quran in my head Is it Acceptable?

can I read Quran in my head Is it Acceptable

Reciting the Quran is a miracle at birth in our souls and hearts, and whether this recitation is aloud or in silence, undeniable lights storms into our hearts, lighting up every spot and every corner of our being.  Though, in order for the light to fully claim us, and for faith to inhabit our souls, […]

Can a cat Touch the Quran? Understanding the Relationship Between cats and the Quran

can a cat touch the quran

Islam is a sacred flower, forever blossoming with leaves of mercy and compassion that spread into the whole world, reaching all the hearts of all Allah’s conscious creations; human beings, and animals. Should you allow your cat to physically touch the Quran? it is generally permissible for cats to touch the Quran, but there are […]

Best 2# Islamic Books on Islam History

Best islamic Books to Learn about Islam - Muslims - New Muslims - Non-Muslims

Here are the best Islamic books to learn the history of Islam in English: 1. Islam Explained: A Short Introduction to History, Teachings, and Culture 2. In The Shadow Of The Sword

How long does it take to learn Tajweed for beginners?

Learn Tajweed for Beginners | Helpful Advice for Learning Quickly

Learning Tajweed is a spiritual and educational journey that involves understanding the precise articulation and characteristics of Quranic recitation. For beginners, the timeline can vary based on several factors, including the learner’s dedication, the frequency of practice, the teaching method, and the individual’s linguistic background. Understanding the Timeline Factors Influencing Learning Duration Factor Description Dedication […]

How To Pray Salah Step By Step?

How To Pray Salah Step By Step

In this article, we will define how to pray Salah and clarify its meanings with other related topics to get the most out of your salah. Learn Now!

Discovering Islamic Worship: Which Surah to Read on Friday?


Friday, or Jummah, holds a special place in the Islamic tradition. It is a day of congregational prayers, reflection, and spiritual rejuvenation. This article delves into the significance of reciting specific Surahs on this blessed day and elucidates the benefits ascribed to this practice in Islamic teachings. Importance of Friday (Jummah) in Islam The Day […]

What is Tawakkul? – All You need to Know

What is Tawakkul

Tawakkul is one of the most prominent forms of belief in Allah (SWT) and one of its terms. The meaning of faith in Allah in Islam is to believe in Allah’s existence, lordship, divinity, and attributes. Furthermore, when you have faith in Allah, you believe in his oneness, his books, the existence of his angels, […]