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A Resourceful Arabic Learning Program | It’s Exactly What You Need!

Our Arab “Fushah” program is an insightful academic plan that lets you acquire all the Arabic tools to comprehend, write, read, and fluently speak. We provide materials and knowledge through an elite group of tutors who have gained experience with the help of grand scholars.

By the end of this program, the student will be able to:

  • Read Quran.
  • Read Arabic and understand different news sources.
  • Understand Arabic speakers.
  • Know about Arabic culture.
  • Write more than 50,000 words.
  • Build correct Arabic sentences.
  • Speak Arabic fluently.

Arabic Online Courses - A Top-Notch Program With a Valuable Syllabus That Will Sharpen Your Arabic!

Learn Arabic For Kids online arabic classes for kids Quran House blog Learn Classical Arabic With the Help of Native Arabic-Speaking Tutors

Online Arabic classes for kids

Learning the fundamentals of classical Arabic is a unique start to a wonderful journey filled with knowledge, culture, and practice. It begins with the Arabic alphabet and phonetics and progresses to basic short sentences.

Uplift Your Arabic Language Skills to the Fluency Level Through Our Advanced Classical Arabic Course

Learn Noorani Qaida Course

Noorani Qaida is a beginner's guide to learning the Arabic language and the fundamentals of Quranic reading. It is a commonly used teaching tool in Islamic schools and madrasas for children and new learners.

MSA And Fusha Arabic Course

Fusha And MSA Arabic Courses

The MSA course is an unforgettable experience where students discover the beauty of the Arabic language. It gives them the opportunity to speak with the correct pronunciation. The best method of communicating with any Arabic-speaking community is through the course.

Explore the Arabic Language World and Acquire Its Valuable Treasures

Learning a second language could be difficult. But with us, it’s much easier for two reasons:

Arabic is a flexible language by nature. One word's root can be transformed into a verb, noun, or adverb.

Our tutors are the best at simplifying the most difficult rules and toughest words to pronounce.

Learn Arabic Online Classes - We Believe That Customized Learning Plans Deliver the Best Outcomes

Quran House encourages students to express their objectives. Our tutors develop a course flow for each student based on their goals and motivations for learning, which enables them to advance more quickly and experience the benefits of their progress. We provide advice and a syllabus that advances your objectives and creates new successes.


Learn the 5th Most-Spoken Language in the World With Quran House!

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Students Become Attention-To-Detail by the End of the Program

The same characters can have different forms depending on where they are in the word, and the same words can have different pronunciations depending on where they are in the sentence. Tutors help you be aware of all the details.

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Communication With Arab Natives Turns Easier

If you speak Arabic, you can get in touch with Arab communities more quickly. Also, traveling to Middle Eastern countries becomes more fun and enriches the experience of learning Arabic. Building stronger relationships and making new Arab friends becomes easier.

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Negotiation in Arabic Is More Powerful Than in Any Other Language

Quran House gives you the tools and ways that you can use in negotiations with Arab businessmen. Finding a way to achieve a win-win situation through using the right Arabic words is a skill you will easily acquire. You will know the Arab business mindset by knowing its culture.

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Learn How to Think in Arabic

The best way to express your ideas is not to first think in your own language before translating them into Arabic. Our academic curriculum restructures your way of thinking. We teach you how to speak what you think in Arabic.

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Write Texts With the Right Tone

Arabic has a range of tones, just like any other language. You should be able to convey them in text. This prevents you from sending a crucial message or a professional email that might be misinterpreted.

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No Learning Without Exercising

Our program delivers exercises and uses cases for every piece of knowledge you receive. This helps you to memorize the language and understand it in the easiest way. Practices include actual scenarios, various content types, and audio samples.

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Learning Arabic Is the Best Method to Rewire the Human Brain

Your cognitive abilities and the brain’s linguistic regions expand as a result of language learning. Language improves the brain as it becomes more complex.

A Different Type of Mental Workout

Unlike learning any other language, learning Arabic causes specific brain regions to develop. This has a positive effect on how students generally think. It gets easier to maintain a positive attitude even in the worst circumstances, critical thinking gets better, and problem-solving gets quicker.

Exposure to a New Culture Causes Multicultural Brain-Wiring

Students' behavior tends to accept others regardless of their customs, traditions, or religious convictions as a result of multicultural brain-wiring. Learning alone won't be enough to achieve this; instead, we provide all of the environmental elements necessary for you to comprehend Arab culture.

Knowing Different Cultures Results in More Creativity

Students who experience and interact with diverse cultures outperform their peers in terms of creativity. The impact on creative thinking depends on how dissimilar the new culture is from the student's home culture. As the gap widens, it encourages the improvement of creative abilities.

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Invest Your Time and Participate in Arabic Learning Genuine Activities

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A Lesson for Every Situation

With the aid of our tutors, you can learn how to start a conversation, how to end one, and how to establish a rapport with someone you've just met. You can thus understand Arabic's true power.

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Write, Speak, Listen, and Read

Our tutors design lessons to help students improve their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Every student is able to appreciate the knowledge they are learning and experience the elegance of the Arabic language as a result.

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Learn Arabic Culture

Students will learn about Arabic culture through numerous available resources; these include heritage books (Turath), newspapers, novels, and poetry. Tutors support students' development and provide the information they need to understand Arab customs and tenets.

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Interactive Learning

Exercises that Quran House creates focus students' attention and heighten their senses. For the program to be effective, participation with the class tutor is required. Free writing, problem-based learning, etc., will help students easily pick up the core and become familiar with the fundamentals.

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