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Comparative Religions Course And The Superiority of Islam

The student’s faith in Allah and Islam will grow as a result of taking this course.  The course does not only include Abrahamic faiths but also discusses the origins of other religions. Through the comparative analytical approach, students will learn how to use critical thinking and examine the fundamentals of various religions.

Why Should Every Muslim Learn Comparative Religions Course?

In the Qur'an, Allah describes how earlier peoples perished as a result of disobeying their messengers' instructions to believe. The Quran also discusses Jewish and Christian biblical tales. This inspired the earliest Muslims to study other religions. It's a study that strengthens our respect for and belief in Allah. We will meet briefly before you sign up for this course to discuss your motivation for learning about different religions.

What Is the Content of the Comparative Religions Course?

Students on the list will have the chance to embark on a unique, mindful journey that is rich in faith and tolerant behavior. The students are also given exceptional information about various religions and are taught how to accept one another in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah.

Dialectical and Comparative Analytical Method

Before teaching students about religions, tutors outline the main approaches to studying them. Muslims embraced the dialectical and comparative analytic approaches. The first approach establishes the fallacy of a theory. The second approach challenges the notion and examines its pros and cons as well as what Islam supports and rejects.

Monotheism vs. Polytheism

In this section, the tutor explains how man at first was monotheistic, but later went rogue and began to believe in other gods or worshipped natural phenomena. Students will learn the origin of these ideas and how they developed. He will also learn the superiority of Tawheed and how to respond to any other questions he asks himself or others pose against him.

Judaism History and Doctrines

Students will have a quick overview of the Hebrews, starting with Ibrahim (PBUH) and ending with Moses (PBUH) and the Ten Commandments. Students will receive notes on the Jewish Sharia, their writings, their various doctrines, and what sets each one apart from the others.

Christianity History and Doctrines

Tutors will talk about the Ayat in the Quran that mentions Christ and his mother. Then, they will provide examples from the Bible's narrative and explain the similarities and differences between the two faiths. Then, tutors will discuss the development of Christian doctrines throughout history.

Skills and Techniques That Comparative Religion Scholars Use

Students who are interested in learning more about comparative religions will be able to develop their persuasive and careful listening skills. As before, you must thoroughly comprehend any response you send before gradually persuading the other party of your viewpoint.

Thanks to Quran House, You Will Get a Great Deal of Knowledge About Different Religions and Their Contention Points With Islam


How This Course Could Be Perfect to Know More About Islam?

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Dealing With Famous Islamic Debates and Heritage

Students will be aware of the books that Islamic scholars have written, like Al-Fasl Fi Al-Milal Wal-Nihal by Imam Ibn Hazm. Also, students will have access to a large group of contemporary Islamic debates facing other religions.

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Helping Students to Become Tolerant and Part of a Peaceful Society

Muslims who take this course will learn about Islam's tolerance, which guards against social ills like extremism. This facilitates dialogue between religions about the variations in transparency and openness.

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Illustrating Critical Arguments Is a Way of Facing Current Issues

Students will discover at the end of the course that the subjects that have been discussed historically by various religions are still relevant today. The students will have the confidence to support their arguments.

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Understand Islam Well and Enter Any Debate Through Strong Proofing

After finishing this program, you will achieve the following:

  • Get a strong background in the methods of argumentation.
  • Recognize commonalities between the three religions.
  • Understand the distinctive nature of the final message.

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Frequently Asked Questions About This Comparative Religions Course

The Comparative Religions course is suitable only for adults; +12 at least. It is also suitable for any Muslim who struggles with questions or wants to protect himself and his faith in the west against the misconceptions surrounding Islam.

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