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Learn Fusha Arabic online With Natives – The Best Modern Standard Arabic

One can learn Modern Standard Arabic and Fusha Arabic online at Quran House in an integrated course that progresses from beginner to expert levels.

Your ability to communicate with Arabs in the Gulf or the MENA region will improve if you have a deeper understanding of their language. If you want to learn the Quran, communicate with Arab tour guides, or even represent a company or government in Arabic-speaking nations, you’ll need to use the most expressive nouns and adjectives.

Our Modern Standard Arabic Course Makes Your Language Understood by Arab Speakers Who Have Different Dialects

Although MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) differs from the current dialects that Arabs speak, it’s a common tongue that every Arab can understand easily. On the other hand, learning a particular Arabic dialect may be helpful for communicating with the locals, but if a foreigner used this dialect in another Arab country, you would need to spend time and effort explaining some words to the listener.

What do you know about Arabic?

Fusha Arabic Classes That Introduces New Horizons and Fosters Strong Relationships with Others

Speaking a language that the other person understands enables words to enter their minds. However, if you communicate with someone in their own language, the words will reach their hearts. Our MSA is a unique course that improves your ability to communicate with 275 million native Arabic speakers, allowing you to make lifelong friends and profitable business connections.

MSA Pronunciation Mastery

Our instructors take the students on enlightening, entertaining, and educational journeys. To sound out each letter correctly in various word positions and with different diacritical marks, students must first be able to recognize the Arabic alphabet.

Fusha Syntax Formation

Students will be able to distinguish between different types of Fusha syntax once they learn the essential elements of sentences. We teach students a wide variety of vocabulary and effective sentence construction techniques. This makes it easier for them to write them down and practice saying them.

Fusha and MSA Presentation

The class is not just concerned with conversations; it also supports the presentation abilities that students need to introduce themselves, their interests, hobbies, and brief personal information. It's always a good quality for students to develop these kinds of skills down pat.

Arabic Culture

Being cultivated in Arabic comes from three main sources: religion, which discusses beliefs, literature, which exemplifies Arabic nature, traditions, and customs, and news, which clarifies events from daily life. Our MSA addresses these 3 areas in a way that fully introduces you to Arabic culture.

Fusha Arabic Script

To ensure that they have understood writing styles, punctuation, and diacritical marks, tutors will provide students with a variety of writing exercises. This enables students to write flawless Arabic text messages. Writing has always been an effective way to brainstorm and argue ideas.

Fusha Arabic Reading

You would learn how to read the Arabic Fusha and the Modern Standard Arabic easily. Learn Fusha online with the best Arabic native tutors who are certified from al-Azhar University.

Quran House’s Fusha And MSA Course Will Help You Speak Like an Arab Who Understands His Culture and Traditions.


Our MSA Course Is a Guaranteed Approach to Cover All That You Need in Arabic

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Combines Task-Based and Student-Centered Learning

Quran House carefully listens to the students' demands for this course. We create tasks and scenarios that require the students to apply the knowledge they have learned based on these objectives.

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Helps You to Express Your Ideas Using Your Words

The global business market will always need people with the ability to present, converse, and negotiate in multiple languages. So you converse in Arabic with your Arab friends and close deals.

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Adds the Value of a Mother Tongue to a Second Language

MSA gets easier for students as they practice more. That’s why we consider our course a preparing native speaker course who know the real value of the language they learn.

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Acquiring a New Language Always Means New Opportunities, Join the Course Now!

After finishing this program, you’ll:

  • Be fully aware of Arabic culture. 
  • Communicate with Arabic-speaking individuals confidently. 
  • Develop new connections and break the language borders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Modern Standard Arabic and Fusha Arabic Course is suitable for kids and adults for all ages. No previous knowledge is required.

It depends on your desire. It is up to you, but it helps us control the quality of the sessions and makes it easy for the quality control department to be more effective. You can ask us to record of prevent recording.

We first ensure that you will get the best teacher. But, in case you need to replace him/her for any reason, it is totally fine to ask for tutor replacement, you can also ask us for certain requirement you desire for your tutor.

The main language we have is English. Although, we have several languages available. So if you want to study in your mother tongue, tell the coordinator and he will help you out.

Yes, we offer certificates of your attendance and levels achieved.

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