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Quran House is the best mentor to achieve your objectives. First, tell us what you know about Arabic.

What Is online Arabic classes for kids?

As-salamu Alaykum” is the Islamic salutation we begin with. This online Arabic classes for kids are the primary course tailored for beginners students who nearly know nothing about this distinctive language.

Students will study the Quran’s language and allow its teachings to lead them to Islam’s tolerant principles. The ability to communicate with Arabs and other people from the Middle East will be available to our students. The first step to joining the various Arab communities around the world is learning Arabic.

The Fundamentals of the online Arabic classes for kids Are More Beneficial Than You Imagine!

Regardless of whether they are Muslims or not, students benefit from taking a online Arabic classes for kids Course. With ease, Quran House adapts the curriculum to the objectives of the students. Do they need to travel to the Middle East for tourism? Are the students children whose parents desire to instill Arab culture in them? Are you a new Muslim who wants to get along with others in your community?

Online Arabic Classes for kids Content Allows You to Study and Practice

It is ineffective to learn from theoretical texts and definitions without having the chance to put them into practice. Furthermore, practicing without understanding helps you become a good performer, but without sound knowledge, every new circumstance will result in a mistake.

Quran House gathers between the two branches at every section, where we deliver native knowledge and effective exercises.

Arabic Alphabet Letters

Tutors teach students the Arabic alphabet letters, how to pronounce them, and how to write them. At this stage, the tutors coach the students to adapt their ears to listening to Arabic. Then, they will pronounce each letter in short words using Arabic diacritics (Tashkil).

Arabic in Daily Life

This section covers a large amount of Arabic vocabulary. Tutors deliver simple words students should use with family, friends, and in daily life. They will know words related to

Learn What You Need

You would learn the proper way to express Greetings, Weather, and Meals. The proper way to deal with Arabic in Workplace, College or university, in Public places, Shopping, Hobbies, and Health

Grammar Basics

Students will learn the major components of Arabic syntax. They will know how to express masculine and feminine pronouns, numbers, singulars & plurals, tenses, negative voice, propositions, and location adverbs. Students learn the basics that they will apply during the rest of the course.

Learn Arabic Dialogues

Tutors coach students to join in quick chats and short conversations. Students will learn conversation starters from this section and how to handle speakers they don't understand. Tutors will play Arabic videos with and without transcripts and quiz students on their understanding.

Learn how to writer Arabic

By the end of the course, students should be able to compose succinct paragraphs that express their thoughts on various subjects. In order to help its students express themselves freely and describe novel ideas, Quran House cultivates Arabic writing as a crucial skill.

Through Our Online Arabic Classes for kids Course, We Will Teach You One of the Top 5 Most Spoken Languages in the World


Our Course Offers an Exciting Learning Arabic Experience That Is Worth Having

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Provides Interactive Materials With Visuals

You learn through interactive learning tools at Quran House, where you click, write, and make decisions based on visually stimulating entertainment.

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Improves Your Memory Structure

Your brain is like a muscle that needs extra practice from time to time, learning a second language, especially Arabic will help you achieve that because of its simplicity.

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Adopts Noorani Qaida as a Reference

Quran House uses many references to teach Arabic beginners. Noorani Qaida is one of the best books that guide you learn the correct pronunciation of letters.

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All You Need Is 4 Hours of Self-Study Per Week, Join Our Arabic Course For kids Now!

After finishing this program, you’ll:

  • Understand native Arabic speakers.
  • Earn a wide base of Arabic vocabulary.
  • Formulate written and spoken Arabic phrases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Classical Arabic course is suitable for kids. There is no certain level required nor any background. You will start from your level.

It depends on your desire. It is up to you. You can ask us to record of prevent recording of your classical Arabic sessions.

We first ensure that you will get the best teacher for your classical Arabic course. But, in case you need to replace him/her for any reason, it is totally fine to ask for tutor replacement, you can also ask us for certain requirement you desire for your tutor.

The main language we have is English. Although, we have several languages available. So if you want to study in your mother tongue, tell the coordinator and he will help you out.

Yes, we offer certificates of your attendance and levels achieved.

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