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Master the Art of Qiraat: Comprehensive Quran Qiraat Course

Become a Qari’ Who Masters the Art of Qiraat!

The Quran Qiraat course that we provide is your first step to reaching the level you aim for in recitation. It is an opportunity to feel the beauty and sweetness of Quran verses by reciting them correctly. One day, You might become a reason for Muslims and non-Muslims to love listening to the Quran!

“And to recite the Quran”  27:92

In these one-on-one online classes, adults and kids will learn:

  • Advanced Tajweed rules
  • The elements of the Quran
  • Manners of reciting
  • Memorizing parts of the Quran
  • The meaning of the verses
  • The letters of the Quran
  • Different pronunciations and Harakat
  • The difference between the ten recitations


Find Jannah in Quran, Where Peace and Mercy Are Finally Explored

No more stuttering when reciting the Quran! Our tutors at Quran House will help you follow the instructions and principles of each recitation (Qira’a). The most important question that you will ask is, Why should you know the 10 recitations of the Quran?

Reaching a State of Calmness “In the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.” 13:28

You will be able to recall Allah's words and recite them correctly in the most trying circumstances as you gain more knowledge of recitations, leading to peace and tranquility. If you suffer from anxiety and a disturbed heart, this course will be a step in the right direction toward serenity.

Identifying a Stable Source of Values and Ethics

Your kids and even yourself always need a fixed reference that you can refer back to whenever you pass through an event. Muslims should first turn to the Quran for guidance. No matter how far you’ve been from Allah, Quran recitation can become a channel that keeps you connected to your creator.

Developing Critical Thinking and Reading Skills

Islam has always made intellectual sense to people. Allah, who is able to lead his creatures to "Al-Sirat Al-Mustaqim," created the Quran as a divine book. The Quran's verses teach you how to think clearly. All of the situations are explained so that you know what to do and what to avoid in each.

Qiraat Course Helps You Become a Voice for the Quran

Knowing how to read Arabic, in general, lets you learn more about recitations (Qiraat). However, the Quran is not only a language that you can read and write; it is also a science that you will learn throughout the course. The common factor that is found at any Qira’a is Tajweed. Thus, you should have a good command of it.

Recitation Techniques and Styles

Allah revealed the Quran in numerous recitations to facilitate its reading by Muslims. So, they can select the most suitable and easiest recitation for them. Throughout the course, you will learn how to differentiate between the Qira’at, although, all of them deliver the same meaning.

Advanced Tajweed

There are nearly 77 concepts of tajweed included in the Quran. Online Tajweed Classes are mainly divided into Makharij and Rules. In the course, you will learn the correct points of articulation from which each letter is pronounced in your mouth. By learning rules and Pronunciation of Arabic letters in Tajweed, you will know that regulations control intonation, speed, and pause, among other elements.

The Key Elements of the Quran

In the Quran Qiraat classes, you will determine the major elements that Allah acknowledges in the Quran, representing a part of Sharia. They are facts that you have to believe in as a Muslim. These key elements mainly aim to manage three relationships, the relationship between you and Allah, that between you and your community, and finally, that between you and yourself.

Manners of Quran Recitation

Respect must be shown for the words of this sacred text, which Allah revealed to his prophet Muhammad (PBUH). You will learn specific manners throughout the Qiraat online classes that address this respect. For instance, performing Wudu is essential before touching Mushaf.

The Reasons for Revelation

Students who take the Quran Qiraat course learn why the verses were revealed. Usually, when an event occurs during the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Allah wants to provide verses as evidence, support, or proof. Through Quran, you can find similar events that happened in the past with other prophets. It also illustrates laws and obligations that Muslims should abide by.

What Are the Facts You Should Know Before Joining Online Quran Qiraat Classes?

Each Qira'a (Way of reciting the Quran) has its own authority, which can be traced back to a notable recitationist from the second or third Hijri century through the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), according to the riwaya or transmission. When reciting the Quran, a variety of lexical, phonetic, linguistic, morphological, and syntactical ways are permitted. Each Qira'a has its own unique set of recitation guidelines, as well as word and letter variations. There are mainly seven recitations, which tended to become ten after the three last recitations being verified by the scholar Ibn al-Jazari:

  1. Naafi’ Al-Madani (Madinah)
  2. Ibn Katheer Al-Makki (Makkah)
  3. Abu Amr al-Basri (Basra)
  4. Ibn Aamir ash-Shami (Syria)
  5. Asim Al-Kufi (Kufa)
  6. Hamzah al-Kufi (Kufa)
  7. Al-Kisaa’i (Kufa)
  8. Abu Jaafar al-Madani
  9. Yaqoub al-Hadrami
  10. Khalaf ibn Hisham

You can start the course, based on your Arabic and Tajweed proficiency. In case you haven’t enough Quranic pronunciation capabilities, it’d be better if you start Learning Tajweed basics. Also, Learning Arabic Online With Native Arabs is a crucial step if you have a weak Arabic background.

Learn the Ten Qiraat Online and Master One for Ijazah

Ijazah is not a far goal, it’s easy to get if you have the potential that allows you to transfer the words of Allah to other students. Qiraat course is your guaranteed path to learn everything about the ten recitations and the differences between them. The course includes interesting items that serve and facilitate Qiraat learning, as Fusha Arabic Classes that will encourage you to learn more. However, there is always much to discover.


You’ll explore the ten approved Qiraat for Quran recitation. Based on the student’s demand, he learns further the most suitable qira’a.


You will learn three different methods of reciting Quran. Tahqiq, Tadwer, and hadr, are methods that depend on the speed of recitation.

Types of Qiraat

Here, students will know the six types of recitations that depend on the authority of Isand, which indicates the source of recitation.


As Quran was revealed to the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in seven ahruf, which represents seven Arab tongues, translated variously into styles, ways, forms, and modes.


You’ll learn that each recitation has two narrations. One of the most popular narration in the Muslim world is Hafs's narration on the authority of Aasim.

Forms of Qiraat

Wujuh is a branch that compares the Quran recitation to the Arabic conditions as a language. It is an advanced level, that requires students that know Arabic well.

Time to Collect the Pearls of Quran and Join Qiraat Course!

Finding the pearls in an ocean requires you to dive in. This is the opportunity to explore the values that Allah delivers to us and our kids to develop a world that believes in goodness and peace. This course helps you apply the saying of the Prophet (PBUH): “If the Final Hour comes while you have a shoot of a plant in your hands, and it is possible to plant it before the Hour comes, you should plant it.” By the end of the Qiraat online course, you will:

  • Differentiate between the ten recitations of Quran
  • Master one riwaya of a recitation
  • Determine all the rules of Tajweed
  • Learn the correct points of letter articulation
  • Know the reasons for revelation of verses

With Our Tutors’ Assistance, Count on Your Qiraat Learning Journey!

Our Azhar-certified tutors are a diverse team of Ijazah-carrying males and females. By assessing your level, they know the best point to start from. This helps you feel the progress with every class, as the tutor follows a teaching plan that meets your objectives. Our tutors use the most up-to-date tools to Learn Arabic Faster and the best teaching techniques to show you the methods for integrating values into your personality.

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Students Who Believed in Themselves Before Trusting Quran House!

This is the common value that all our students feel as they go on with the Qiraat course. There is always a turning point where everything becomes simple and ideal. The key to getting this result is always persistence. We always manage to succeed in achieving this status.


Testimonials of Our Brothers, Sisters, and Children

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Learn Tajweed
  2. Understand verses
  3. Determine the Qira’a you want to master
  4. Listen to this Qira’a from a Qari’s audio that suits your tone
  5. Practice daily
  6. Try to teach what you become good at to excel
  1. Naafi’ Al-Madani (Madinah)
  2. Ibn Katheer Al-Makki (Makkah)
  3. Abu Amr al-Basri (Basra)
  4. Ibn Aamir ash-Shami (Syria)
  5. Asim Al-Kufi (Kufa)
  6. Hamzah al-Kufi (Kufa)
  7. Al-Kisaa’i (Kufa)
  • Naafi’ Al-Madani (Madinah)
  • Ibn Katheer Al-Makki (Makkah)
  • Abu Amr al-Basri (Basra)
  • Ibn Aamir ash-Shami (Syria)
  • Asim Al-Kufi (Kufa)
  • Hamzah al-Kufi (Kufa)
  • Al-Kisaa’i (Kufa)
  • Abu Jaafar al-Madani
  • Yaqoub al-Hadrami
  • Khalaf ibn Hisham
  1. Mutawatir (Successive)
  2. Al-Mashhur (Popular)
  3. Al-Gharib (Scarce, Strange)
  4. Ahaad (Singular)

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