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Tazkiyah Course – Best Islamic Ethics Course By Azhari Tutors

The student will go through a number of levels in the Tazkiyah course to advance from the state of being whims-centered to the desired level of purity and submission to Allah’s will.

“But, whosoever feared the standing before his Lord and prevented the self from desires (40) Indeed, their refuge shall be Paradise (41)” Surah 79: An-Naziat.

Based on the Quran and Sunnah, the students will adopt a distinctively balanced approach and apply Islamic principles in daily life.

Tazkiyah Course Will Guide You to Islamic Practices for Self-Protection Against Sins

Humans will always commit sins. The most important questions are: How critical is sin? And Has it become a habit to do? Tazkiyah course provides students with the Islamic shields that protect them against sins. Falling into sin will become difficult and will have a bitter taste that they will hate to taste again. "Allah sees every action we do and ideas we think of" this principle will help in filling students’ hearts with Taqwa.

Students will learn how to control their anger, avoid letting lust control them, protect their Spirit (Nafs) from greed, feel gratitude for Allah's blessings, and more in this course. The students will meet briefly with Quran House to discuss the topic they want to concentrate on for self-purification and to assess their level of Quranic and Hadithic knowledge.

What Is the Syllabus of the Tazkiyah Course?

Students will have the chance to learn more about the nature of sins and good deeds in the Tazkiyah course. The students move closer to Taqwa as their realization of Allah grows. Students will discover how to connect Spirit (Nafs) to the creator rather than to things that humans made.

Takhliyah Stage

This section provides examples of tried-and-true techniques for assisting students in kicking their sinful habits and uprooting their spiritual roots. Students will learn about the origins of sins, the primary causes that set them off, and all available remedies.

Tahliyah Stage

This section discusses methods to replace sins with good deeds and plant their seeds in the students’ spirits and how to water and grow them. Tutors design lessons on actions like sincerity, patience, trust, and repentance, as well as gratitude, fear, and hope.

Ta’aat and Nawafil Stage

Students will understand how Muslims' obligations (Ta'aat) lead to calm minds and pure spirits. Additionally, teachers will direct students to additional Islamic practices (Nawafil), which strengthen the spirit and keep it resistant to sin.

Tawbah and Istighfaar Stage

Teachers use examples to explain the requirements of repentance (Tawbah) throughout these online classes. Students gain a deeper understanding of the supplication to Allah, the benevolence, and how Tawbah reform the spirits. The course will cover how to ask Allah for forgiveness and the spiritual benefits Muslims can experience.

Speaking, Dietary, and Sleeping

Students learn how to cut back on their useless speech, meals, and sleep cycles in this course. Tutors guide students to strategies that make these activities more efficient, where less is more, based on the Sunnah and Turath. Most sins and mental corruption are caused by overspeaking, overeating, and oversleeping.

Quran House Helps You to Beat Your Evil Commanding Soul and Discover the Paths of Patience


What Makes This Course Offered by Quran House Special?

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Spiritual Health Positively Affects Physical Health

Quran House designed a perfect course that develops spirit through Quran and Sunnah practices that are reflected in mental health and structuring a healthy body ready to do activities. Also, students are exposed to Tahara rules.

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Tutors Will Support You Based on Quran and Sunnah

Seeking a remedy for certain sins is the beginning of the solution. Tutors will deliver materials and practices that help you during your recovery journey from these sins.

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How to Balance and Not Overuse Self-Accountability

Enrolling in this course protects students from overusing self-accountability. They know the sins they’ve committed and they are responsible for, but these sins shouldn’t lower their self-esteem, they only should keep Tawbah and learn.

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Join Tazkiyah Course and Free Yourself From Destructive Behaviors

After finishing this program, you’ll:

  • Return to the original path of Al-Tareeq Al-Mustaqeem
  • Practice Remembrance of Allah (Dhikr) everywhere and anytime. 
  • Control all senses and gain the most from righteousness

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Frequently Asked Questions About This Tazkiyah Course

This Tazkiyah Course is suitable for kids and adults for all ages with no prerequisites. Only a willing to change and get closer to Allah and Islam sprituality.

The course is not Sufi, it rather teaches the Tajkiyzah according to the teachings of Ahlu-al-Sunah Wa al-Jamaa.

We first ensure that you will get the best teacher. But, in case you need to replace him/her for any reason, it is totally fine to ask for tutor replacement, you can also ask us for certain requirement you desire for your tutor.

The main language we have is English. Although, we have several languages available. So if you want to study in your mother tongue, tell the coordinator and he will help you out.

Give us a call, reach us on WhatsApp, or fill out the form.

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