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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Courses are suitable for kids and adults for all ages. Some courses are level-based courses and others are not age specified. Our Courses are rather for all Muslims who want to get and better background of the subject.

Yes for the use of quality control. But it is up to you. You can ask us to record of prevent recording.

We first ensure that you will get the best teacher. But, in case you need to replace him/her for any reason, it is totally fine to ask for tutor replacement, you can also ask us for certain requirement you desire for your tutor.

The main language we have is English. Although, we have several languages available. So if you want to study in your mother tongue, tell the coordinator and he will help you out.

Yes, we offer certificates of your attendance and levels achieved.

Give us a call, reach us on WhatsApp, or fill out the form.

Our academy offers a variety of courses, including Quran Reading, Quran Memorization, Tajweed, Tafseer, and Arabic Language. Each course caters to different learning objectives and skill levels, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience for all students.

Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced professionals who specialize in Quranic education. They hold certifications in Tajweed, Islamic studies, and Arabic language and have years of experience teaching Quran to students of all ages and backgrounds.

We employ a combination of traditional and modern teaching methods that focus on understanding, memorization, and application of Quranic teachings. Our methods include one-on-one sessions, group classes, interactive exercises, and multimedia resources to ensure a well-rounded and engaging learning experience.

Yes, we offer a free trial class to all prospective students, allowing you to experience our teaching methods and interact with our teachers before deciding to enroll in a course. To schedule your free trial class, please contact our support team.

Our support team and teachers are available to guide you in selecting the most suitable course based on your learning objectives, previous experience, and time commitment. You can discuss your goals and preferences with our team during your free trial class or reach out to our support staff for assistance.