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Can a cat Touch the Quran? Understanding the Relationship Between cats and the Quran

can a cat touch the quran

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Islam is a sacred flower, forever blossoming with leaves of mercy and compassion that spread into the whole world, reaching all the hearts of all Allah’s conscious creations; human beings, and animals.

Should you allow your cat to physically touch the Quran?

it is generally permissible for cats to touch the Quran, but there are some precautions that should be taken to ensure that the Quran is not damaged or disrespected.
precautions include keeping the Quran in a closed box or drawer when not in use and making sure that the cat is not allowed to chew on or play with the Quran

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What are the Islamic teachings regarding having physical contact between the Quran and pure animals?

There are many rules regarding having physical contact between the Quran and pure, and Tahir animals:

1- Cleanliness is a must:

Cleanliness is a must when touching or dealing with the Quran; as we are instructed to be pure and Tahir when holding the Quran. 

So, although cats are naturally pure, they can be impure and Najis due to being unclean very often. Unless your cat has been recently washed clean, it shouldn’t touch the Quran.

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2- Respect is mandatory:

Respect is mandatory when handling the Quran; as it’s the holy book of Islam. However, this respect can be conducted through beings with consciousness and awareness of what they are doing.

Human beings have this type of consciousness; thus, are capable of respecting the book, but animals lack this type of awareness, which is why they cannot show the Quran the respect it deserves as the direct word of Allah.

3- The Quran should be kept from damage:

The Quran should be kept from damage, but since animals aren’t aware of its importance, value, or holiness, they would not care much about keeping it from being torn apart, or thrown off places, like human beings would.

can a cat touch the quran

Handling the Quran in a household with pets:

Handling the Quran in a household with pets is a lot of work, and requires a high level of concentration all the time; because you will have to take care of the Quran while allowing your pet cat some freedom.

There are a number of measures to follow to ensure the respect of the Quran around pets:

1- Keep the Quran out of reach:

Keep the Quran out of the reach of your pets, by putting it in a high place, a closed cupboard, or a room that your pets don’t have access to.

Keeping the Quran out of their reach will help you keep your book clean and neat, and will limit the chances of your pets getting to it.

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2- Keep the Quran in a secure place:

Keep the Quran in a secure place, that will keep the Quran protected and safe, even if your pet has got a hold of it. 

You can put it inside a tightly closed box that needs a key to open, or some other way through which you can be the only one to access it.

3- Keep the pet clean:

Keep the pet clean as much as possible; so, that it would be fine if they came in contact with the Quran in any way. 

Cleaning your pet doesn’t only include giving them refreshing showers, but by also taking them to the vet, and giving them all necessary vaccination, to make sure they are immune to any illness that would bring about insects.

4- Close observation when using the Quran:

It’s extremely important to closely observe your pet while using the Quran; as they might want to explore or play with the item in your hand; so, you should always be aware of where they are, and what they are doing.

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How does Islam view cats, and what is the recommended treatment of them according to the prophet’s (PBUH) teachings?

Islam’s view of cats is positive, and this positivity is reflected repeatedly by the teachings of our generous prophet (PBUH), and how Islam orders us to treat them:

The prophet (PBUH), is narrated to have talked about cats, saying “They are not impure, rather they are among the males and females (animals) who go around among you”. 

In Islam, if a blind cat approaches your house, you have to take care of it; because it’s incapable of fending for itself, and taking care of itself, and in such a case, if one turns their back on it, they are considered sinful.

The Islamic view of cats is further demonstrated by an incident narrated by our wise prophet (PBUH): a woman was condemned to eternal Hell for a cat that she had tied, without giving it food, yet not allowing it to roam the world freely looking for food. 

Abd Ar-Rahman Ibn Sakhr, one of the prominent Islamic figures, was nicknamed Abu Hurayra, which means the father of the little kittens; because little kittens and cats were always gathered around him, reluctant to leave his generosity, and compassion behind.

Let’s spread some love to these beautiful creatures, and share our cat pet names together. Let us know in the comments below the name of your pet cat.

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