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Can I Read Quran During My Period? A Guide for Muslim Women

Reading the Quran during period Here’s your Dos and Don'ts Guide!

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Reading and reciting the Holy Quran is one of the best acts of worship by which a person draws closer to God Almighty. Imam Al-Manawi said1: “The best worship is reading the Quran.” The reader is conversing with Allah because Quran is the origin and most important of Islamic sciences. Preoccupation with reading is better than preoccupation with all Islamic remembrances except for what is mentioned in it something specific.

1 Shu’ab al-Imān 1865.

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Can I read the Quran during my period?

One of the topics on which the Islamic scholars differed is the reading of the Quran by women.

The majority of Islamic scholars agree that it is permissible for a woman who is menstrual to read Quran. These scholars are:

  • The Maliki  
  • Dhahiri school
  • A saying narrated by the authority of Al-Shafi’i in the past                      
  • Narration on the authority of Ahmed
  • It was chosen by Al-Tabari
  • Ibn Taymiyyah
  • Ibn Al-Qayyim
  • Ibn Uthaymeen,
  • The Permanent Committee

For the following:

  • Women had periods at the time of the Prophet of God, peace be upon him, and he did not ban women from reading the Quran. It is obvious that Islamic rule does not forbid them from doing so because the hadiths that were received do not serve as proof.
  • A woman has nothing to do with her periods. She does not have the right to have it removed. It may last for days or weeks, and she might forget what she has learned.

Can you read the Quran on your period from your phone?

Sheikh Awaida Othman, General Secretary of the Fatwa at the Egyptian Dar Al Iftaa, answered a question about the legal ruling on a woman reading Quran or a mobile phone during her menstrual period that it is permissible for a woman to read Quran from her mobile phone or tablet during her period.

Can I read Quran on my period without touching it?

According to the opinion of Malikiah scholars based on a sahih narration which states: with the purpose of teaching and learning only, it is permissible to hold Quran while they are menstruating and it is also permissible to recite it. This facilitation is only for menstruating women and not for women in the janabah.

The reasons are the days for menstruation is long so:

  • They may forget Quran if they are not allowed to recite it. While women who are menstrual are permitted to make dhikr to Allah.
  • It will also make it easier for women as Tahfiz teachers of the Quran to continue with their teaching so as to not let their huffaz stop and forget what they have memorized because they are menstruating or in nifas (bleeding due to childbirth).
  • A Muslim woman can read the Quran during her menstruation from her heart and without touching Quran, to ensure that she does not forget and in the case that she is learning a new surah.

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Can I read Quran online during my period?

Answering this question during an Arabic video, Sheikh Ahmed Wissam, Secretary of the Fatwa at the Egyptian Dar Al Iftaa said that the majority of the Islamic scholars agreed that a menstruating woman does not touch Quran and does not utter the Holy Quran out loud, because the woman can read the Holy Quran from the mobile with her eyes or with her heart without moving her lips.

Can I read Surah Yaseen during periods?

The Islamic scholars differed on that:

  • Some scholars agree that someone who is not purified cannot touch Quran because:
  • Allah says in Quran

“None shall touch it except the purified” (Waqiah: 79).

  • according to the hadith from Ibn Umar where the Prophet PBUH said:

“The woman who is menstruating and the one who is sexually impure (junub) must not recite any of the Qur’an.” 2

This includes the junub (sexually impure), the menstruating woman, as well as anyone without wudhu.

  • According to contemporary Islamic scholars like former Syeikh al-Azhar, Syeikh Jadul Hak Ali Jadul Hak, and others, it is acceptable for menstruating women to memorize and recite verses of the Quran based on the theory that tests or examinations should be decided based on the maxims of darurah because an examination’s time is finite and limited.

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So how can women read surah Yaseen or any surah of the Quran without touching the Mushaf?

  • Reading Quran on a tablet or phone, because they are devices with the Quran inside of them rather than actual copies of the Quran.
  • Reading a book that has a Quranic interpretation or translation since those books are not regarded as Quran copies (books). even if half of it is translation or interpretation and half is in Arabic.
  • Placing a barrier between her hand and Quran, such as gloves, a pen, or a cloth. She avoids having her hand in contact with the Holy Quran by doing this.

2 al-Tirmizi (131) and Ibn Majah (596).

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Can I read the English Quran during my period?

There is no problem with touching an English Quran book that is not a mushaf when one is reading the English translation of the mushef Quran. In spite of this, you are permitted to handle certain interpretations, such as the interpretations of Al Jalalayn or the interpretations of Ibn Kathir, because they include a greater proportion of translated passages than original Arabic text.

The menstruating woman should refrain from touching the English copy of the Quran if the Quran is more than the translation, but if the translation is more, then they may touch but it is an abomination and it is better to avoid that.

Can you read the Quran translation on period?

The translation of the Quran has the ruling on books of interpretation. Regarding touching books of interpretation by a menstruating woman, there is a difference of opinion among Islamic scholars between those who permit and those who prohibit.

  • The majority of Islamic scholars think that it is not forbidden but it is hated. Translation of Quran has the rule of interpretation3 so in because it is not a Mushaf. it is permissible for an impure person to hold.
  • Some of the Islamic scholars forbid touching and carrying the book of Quran interpretation if Quran contains more of it.

3 Al-Majmoo’ by al-Nawawi

Can you read the digital Quran on your period?

Mobile and similar devices are different from the Mushaf. They do not exist in their readable paper, rather they are found in the quality of oscillations. The letters and words are formed in a form upon request, so the screen appears and disappears by moving to another, and accordingly, it is permissible to touch the mobile phone or the tape in which Quran was recorded and it is permissible to read from it even without purity.

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Can you read Quran app on period?

There are now many Quran applications for smartphones to read Quran without touching or holding the book but still read the words.

Using an application for the Holy Quran through a smart device, such as a mobile phone or computer, pointing out that it is also desirable for her, in this case, to read Quran itself without repeating with her tongue or raising her voice in reading, explaining that if a menstruating woman is forced to read the Holy Quran from Quran for the purpose the previous; This is permissible out of necessity, referring to the jurisprudential rule that necessity is estimated according to its measure.

When a woman is on her period, it is not preferred for her to touch the words on the application screen. However, tapping the white or empty space on the application screen is exempt from this rule.

Can a menstruating woman listen to Quran?

A menstruating woman is not prohibited from listening to Quran, nor from looking at Quran and passing it on the heart without touching Quran or reading with the tongue. But for the permissibility of hearing, it is stipulated that one should not move the tongue when reciting; Because moving the tongue with letters is considered to be reading3 and a menstruating woman is forbidden to read Quran, as stated above.

3 Kitab al-Bayan wa’l-Tahseel (1/490).

To sum up, the grounds given make it PERMISSIBLE for menstruation women to recite the Qur’an. Once your period begins, the relationship with Quran does not have to end. In fact, if prayer and fasting are ineffective at keeping you feeling close to Allah Subhanahu wa ta’aala. This connection can be what keeps you feeling that way.

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What not to do during periods in Islam?

  1. Salah (Prayer): Women are exempt from performing the five daily prayers.
  2. Fasting: Women are not allowed to fast during their menstrual cycle but are required to make up for the missed days later.
  3. Tawaf: Circumambulating the Kaaba is not allowed during menstruation.
  4. Entering a Mosque: Women are generally not allowed to enter mosques, although there are differing opinions on this.

Can I enter the Masjid on your period?

In Islamic jurisprudence, the issue of whether a menstruating woman can enter a mosque (masjid) is a subject of scholarly debate. The majority opinion in traditional Islamic law generally discourages or prohibits menstruating women from entering the main prayer area of a mosque. This is based on Hadiths like the one narrated by Umm Atiyya, who said, “He [the Prophet] commanded us to bring out on ‘Id al-Fitr and ‘Id al-Adha young women, menstruating women and purdah-observing ladies, menstruating women to stay away from prayer, but to participate in goodness and the gathering of the Muslims” (Sahih Bukhari 324).

Different Schools of Thought:

  1. Hanafi: Generally prohibits menstruating women from entering the mosque.

  2. Shafi’i: Also generally prohibits it, but some scholars allow entry for a valid reason as long as the woman is certain not to contaminate the mosque.

  3. Maliki: Allows it if there is a need, such as attending a lecture or seeking knowledge, and if she can ensure she will not contaminate the mosque.

  4. Hanbali: Generally prohibits it but allows for exceptions, such as passing through.

Modern Perspectives:

Some contemporary scholars and organizations argue for more inclusivity, stating that the mosque premises can be more than just a place for prayer; they can also be community centers where educational and social activities take place. In such a context, prohibiting women from entering may deprive them of significant community interactions.


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