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Can the Quran Touch the Floor? Understanding the Rules and Etiquette

Can the Quran Touch the Floor

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The Quran, the sacred book, is highly preserved by Allah (SWT). It is the 4th and Final Heavenly book revealed upon our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) over 23 years.

Allah (SWT) says in His book: “Indeed, it is We, Who sent down the Quran, and indeed, We will preserve it.” (Surah Al-Jijr:9).

The Quran is a revered book that forms the physical representation of the Muslim faith. Hence, Muslims should adopt some etiquettes (Adaab) when reciting the Quran.

One of those etiquettes is the place where we put the Holy Quran. Therefore, let us answer the Question: Can the Quran touch the floor? And what to do when the Quran falls by mistake?

Can the Quran Touch the Floor?

Imam Bin Baz states: There is nothing wrong with putting the Quran on the floor for a necessity, not with the intention of humiliation. But, the floor should be pure, and Muslims should do that only for the need, such as praying while there is not a high place or he wants to prostrate for recitation, so there is nothing wrong with that.

However, placing it in a high place, such as a chair or on a shelf on the wall, is more cautious.

It was narrated that some Jews called the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and asked him: “O Abul-Qaasim, a man amongst us has committed adultery, so judge between us. They have put a cushion for the Prophet (PBUH), and he sat on it. Then he asked them: ”Bring the Torah to me.” So when they brought the Torah to him, he took the cushion from underneath him and put the Torah on it. The Prophet (PBUH) put the Torah on the cushion as a sign of honoring it, so the Quran deserves more honor and respect.

According to Sheikh Muhammad al-Uthaymeen (May Allah bless him with mercy), it was stated that:

“We should demonstrate sincerity towards the Holy Book of Allah (SWT) by avoiding placing it where there is a probability of being treated disrespectfully. Therefore, it is crucial to abstain from engaging in behaviors similar to certain children who discard their books after finishing their studies. That may be a Mushaf or a book containing verses from the Quran.”

There is nothing wrong with placing the Quran on a clean floor, as it does not demonstrate disrespect or mistreatment towards the holy book. Some individuals praying or reading from the Quran may place Mushaf in front of them when they need to prostrate. It is completely acceptable.

But other opinions prohibit putting The Quran on the floor under any condition. As Al-Bujayrami, may  Allah  have  mercy  upon  him (from the Shafi’i school), said: “It is forbidden to put the Quran on the floor, but rather it must be raised, even if it is a little.”

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What Happens if You Accidentally Drop the Quran

Another question regarding this issue: what happens if you accidentally drop the Quran, and what to do when Quran falls down by mistake?

Sheikh Muhammad Salih Al-Munajjid states: 

“Respecting the Sacred Book is mandatory, as it is the Word of Allah. The scholars agree that intentionally mishandling the Quran classifies one as a kafir (unbeliever).

Simultaneously, Allah says that those unaware, forget, or unintentionally commit errors are not in a state of sin.

The verse 286 in Surah Al-Baqarah states: “Our Lord! Do not punish us for forgetting or making mistakes.”

In conclusion, if the Quran accidentally falls from your hands to the floor, it is necessary to immediately pick it up, remove any dust that may have gathered on it, and continue reading or return it to its usual position.

What is the Punishment for Dropping the Quran?

Dr. Aziz bin Farhan Al-Anzi says: “If the Quran falls from you unintentionally, then this is a mistake, and there is no punishment from Allah (SWT) for that. The Messenger Muhammad (PBUH) said: “Allah lifted the error and forgetfulness of my nation and what they were forced to do.

But for whoever throws the Quran deliberately, this is an apostasy from Islam and disbelief in God Almighty, and he will receive severe punishment from God. He must repent before he dies and meets God Almighty.”

Sheikh Assim Al-Hakeem also says: “There is no expiation for unintentionally dropping the Quran. It is a mistake, and there is nothing to do except to be more careful.”

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Is kissing the Quran forbidden?

Sheikh Othman Al-Khamis says: “There is nothing wrong with kissing the Quran, and it is permissible, but it is not obligatory for a Muslim to take it as a Sunnah.”

There is another opinion, which Sheikh Assim Al-Hakeem says: “Kissing the Quran or prostrating on it (putting it on your forehead) is not a part of Islam as it is an innovation. However, some scholars say if you kiss the Quran because of great love and respect for it, that may be accepted. Yet, respecting the Quran is not by kissing. Respecting the Quran is by doing what Allah told us inside it to do.”

Is it Okay to Put the Quran on the Prayer Mat While Praying

Is it Okay to Put the Quran on the Prayer Mat While Praying?

Putting the Quran on the prayer mat in front of you is allowable for the need, provided the mat is clean and pure.

Sheikh Metwally Al-Barajili said: The Quran is preserved and must not be placed on the ground. However, if a Muslim is praying and does not find a place to put it during prostration, it is permissible to put it on the prayer mat, but only for necessity.

In conclusion, there is nothing wrong with putting the Quran on a pure floor or the prayer mat for necessity. However, putting it in a higher place is better and more respectful.

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Rules for Looking After the Quran:

Looking after the Quran is of utmost importance for Muslims. Here are some general rules to follow to handle and learn how to respect the Quran properly:

  • Be in a state of cleanliness and perform Wudu

Be in a state of ritual purity before touching the Quran. That involves performing wudu or ghusl (full ablution after sexual intercourse or menstrual bleeding) if necessary.

  • Sit in a respectful place and a respectful manner

Treat the Quran with the highest respect and reverence. Do not put anything on top of it or lean upon it. Besides, avoid placing the Quran in a messy area and never place it in a bathroom.

  • Place the Quran on a cushion or a stand

When reading, Place the Quran on a cushion or a stand and use both hands or the right hand to handle it carefully. Avoid pulling it hurriedly or roughly.

  • Recite the Quran with sincerity and reverence

Start reciting the Quran with Ta’awwuz ( Audhu bi Allah-hi min ash-Shaytaan ir-rajeem) and Tasmiyah (Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Raheem) to protect you from Shaytaan.

  • Recite the Quran properly and follow Tajweed rules

If you do not know the proper way to read the Quran, consider attending sessions at a mosque or joining our Online Tajweed Classes to recite the Quran perfectly. It is essential to read each letter accurately to ensure that the meaning is not altered.

  • Understand the meaning of each Verse

Learn and understand the message behind each verse. That will enable you to connect with the powerful impact of the Quran. Additionally, discover the numerous stories mentioned in it, and take inspiration from the valuable lessons they offer.

  • Avoid talking or eating while reciting the Quran

It is important not to talk while reciting the Quran to avoid distractions. As much as you can, try to avoid eating or drinking while reading or touching the Quran to maintain its purity.

  • Store the Quran in a clean and safe place

You should store Mushaf on a table, a raised shelf, or an appropriate bookcase and avoid placing it in an inappropriate position. Cover the Quran with a protective cover when not in use. That helps prevent dust, dirt, or damage.

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In conclusion, understanding the rules and etiquette of handling the Quran is essential for practicing Muslims. While many Muslims ask: Can the Quran Touch the Floor? There is no specific prohibition against that. But it is advised to treat the holy book with utmost respect and avoid placing it directly on the ground.

Utilize a clean and dedicated space, use a stand or bookshelf, and handle the Quran with clean hands to demonstrate reverence for this sacred text.


What should we not do while reading the Quran?

The Holy Quran is unlike any book. We should learn the etiquette to handle and recite it.

Here are a few things we should not do while reading the Quran:

  • Eating, drinking, or touching the Quran with unwashed hands.
  • Engaging in unnecessary talking or distractions.
  • Placing the Quran in disrespected places.
  • Reading the Quran while preoccupied or inattentive.
  • Mishandling, folding, or bending the Mushaf.

Overall, while reading the Quran, it is crucial to approach it with respect and a sense of reverence, as it is the word of Allah (SWT).


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