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How To Memorize The Quran And Never Forget It?

Memorize The Quran

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Quran Learning and memorization is one of the most honorable deeds a Muslim could do. That’s because The Quran is the word of Allah (SWT) and his guidance to all human beings. Here in this article, we will list some beneficial tips for potential Hafizs for the best Quran memorization experience and outcomes!

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“The best amongst you is the one who learns the Qur’an and teaches it.”


He also said:

“The one who is proficient in the recitation of the Qur’an will be with the honorable and obedient scribes (angels) and he who recites the Qur’an and finds it difficult to recite, doing his best to recite it in the best way possible, will have two rewards.”

(Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

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1. Ask Allah (SWT) For Guidance

The First step is to ask for Allah’s guidance. You should ask Allah to help you and support your Hifz. Moreover, you should ask Allah to purify your intention for His sake and open your heart to receive the Quran as He (SWT) had first revealed it to His Prophet.

Allah (SWT) has taught us to ask Him for guidance in the very first Surah in the Quran, Benefits of Surah Al-Fatihah. That’s the key to receiving the guidance of the Quran: “Guide us along the Straight Path” (Al-Fatiha:6)

2. Purify Your Intention For Hifz

A Muslim should do his good deeds for the sake of Allah (SWT) alone and never associate with Him any partners. That’s called ‘Ikhlas’ to Allah (SWT).

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “(The value of) an action depends on the intention behind it. A man will be rewarded only for what he intended” (Sahih Muslim)

3. Enroll In Quran Memorization Course / Ask For Supervision

The process of Learning and memorizing the Quran should be supervised by a highly qualified teacher. That’s because reciting the Quran requires proper recitation techniques ‘Tajweed’ as well as proper pronunciation and commitment.

You can either ask for the supervision of a Sheikh in your city Masjid or learn through online tutors. Online tutors have become more convenient and much more popular for many students nowadays. That is due to its easy accessibility and flexible learning hours.

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4. Have A Hafiz Friend

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “A man follows the religion of his friend; so each one should consider whom he makes his friend.”

It is well-known that a friend inspires his companion either for the good or bad. So, have a Hafiz friend who has a scheduled Quran memorization plan and frequently joins Quran sessions

You can also meet to recite Quran together, read Tafseer, encourage each other, or even to just keep in touch to keep a Quranic relationship.

5. Set A Realistic Scheduled Plan For Hifz

Any learning process that aims at achieving near or far-away goals should be effectively planned. It is highly recommended to seek your teacher’s help to do so.

An effective plan should be realistic, flexible, and compatible with your lifestyle and essential timetables. It could be daily, day after day, or even weekly. We recommend that you put a daily plan to fix the Quran into your schedule. It doesn’t matter how much you memorize each day. However, what really matters is consistency and commitment.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“The acts most pleasing to God are those which are done most continuously, even if they amount to little.”

(Al-Bukhari And Muslim)

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Quran House CTA Desktop - Quran House

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6. Choose A Fixed Time of The Day to Memorize

You’d better fix a certain time daily for memorizing the Quran. At this time, make sure to be free from any work or responsibilities. You can even turn off your cell phone If you can.

This is important for three reasons; The first is to create a quiet environment without many distractions. The second is to customize your brain to memorize at that time every day which is proven to be more effective. The third is to commit to Quran memorization without skipping any day.

7. Prepare A Cozy Corner For Hifz

Memorizing the Quran requires a quiet, cozy, and recitation-friendly environment. Choose a quiet corner at your home or even in a nearby Masjid. 

If at home, prepare your chair or carpet then put some sort of flowers or a relaxing scent. Prepare a shelf or a table for your Mushaf, Tafseer books, and a small notebook. It would be better to have good lighting and moderate weather.

This preparation helps you spend more time with your mushaf and memorizing sessions. Besides, it notifies the brain that memorizing the Quran is such a good and relaxing experience, so keep doing it!

8. Choose One Copy of The Quran Mushaf To Memorize From

It is highly recommended to memorize the Quran from the same copy of Mushaf each time. That is to form a mental print of the Quran page to better memorize and recall it when needed.

9. Use The Proper Memorizing Methodology

Here we will provide you with ordered tips to effectively memorize Quran during your Hifz session:

  • Memorize Verse by Verse (A single verse at once)
  • Listen To Quran Verse From A Highly Skilled Qari’
  • Repeat The Verse After The Sheikh (Repetition helps to save the verse in your long-term memory) 
  • Read The Verse Aloud Looking At The Mushaf at most minuscule 10 Times ( It may vary among individuals according to their memorizing capabilities )
  • Recite The Verse On Your Own Till Zero Mistakes
  • Recite At least Five Verses Before The Currently Memorized Verse On Your Own
  • Recite The Verse In Front of Your Shiekh to Correct Your Hifz, Tajweed, and pronunciation.
  • Let your Sheikh test your Hifz each session.

10. Learn Tajweed For Proper Recitation

Learning proper recitation of the Quran (Practical Tajweed)  is a Fard Ayn for every Muslim. However, learning Tajweed rules is a Fard Kifaya. It would be better to learn Tajweed rules as it enables you to properly read Quran verses that you may not have encountered before. Besides, it is worth a greater reward.

Discover why a certain Surah is called the beauty of the Quran in our enlightening article. Learn about the significance of Surah Ar-Rahman and its place in the Quran.

11. Learn Tafseer For Proper Memorization

No doubt, learning the meaning and Tafseer of a verse, facilitates its memorization process. We have fully discussed effective tips to learn Tafseer in a previous article. We also discussed different types of Tafseer books and how to choose your suitable Tafseer book in another article. We recommend you refer to them both.

Discover the top-notch platforms for Quranic learning with our comprehensive review of the Top Tested Online Quran Academies.

12. Learn Arabic To Facilitate Hifz

Arabic is one of the must-learn knowledge for every Muslim as Arabic is the mother language of the Quran -the word of Allah.

Learning Arabic actually facilitates everything starting from the simple understanding of the Quranic verses to learning Islamic studies and reading through advanced Islamic books.

13. Write Down The Memorized Verse

If you already know Arabic, it would be helpful to write down the memorized verses while reciting them. That is helpful as it enables you to learn the verse through as many senses as you can. This empowers the brain to keep it in your long-term memory.

14. Recite The New Verses In Your Prayer

Practicing knowledge is the best way to learn it. That’s why it is wise to practice reciting the newly memorized verses during your prayer. This also helps you to concentrate on your prayers.

15. How To Revise Your Hifz Regularly On Frequent Basis?

Here are some simple tips to revise your Hifz:

  • Stick to a Scheduled Plan.
  • Follow up with a qualified teacher.
  • Divide your revision into Near Revision, and Far revision (Near revision is to revise the Hifz of the past weeks, while far-away one is to revise the Hifz of previous months or even years).
  • Revision usually goes faster than new Hifz (You can revise Juz’ by Juz’ or Surah by Surah or less than that according to your level).
  • Listening is helpful to effectively revise your Hifz.
  • Always test yourself by reacting in front of your Sheikh.

Quran House Mob - Quran House

Quran House CTA Desktop - Quran House

Conclusion – Why should you memorize the Quran?

Quran memorization is the best experience a learner could ever have. It is related to the word of Allah (SWT) and His guidance to humanity.

Allah (SWT) has promised Hafizs the best reward in life and the hereafter. In this article, we offered the most effective 15 tips for the best Quran memorization outcomes.


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