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Best islamic Books to Learn about Islam - Muslims - New Muslims - Non-Muslims

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Learn about Islam from introductory Islamic books that are helpful choices for a better understanding of this religion for new Muslims or non-Muslims.

Islamic Books enable readers to know the reasons for the revelation of the Quran, the story of the prophet Muhammed (PBUH) and his touching role in Islam, the Islamic principles, and the pillars of this religion.

Islamic books qualify new Muslims to recognize what obligations they must do and what forbidden matters they should avert for seeking Allah’s satisfaction.

Moreover, they will be able to learn the main worships like prayers and fasting and how to follow the sunnah of the prophet Muhammed (PBUH).

For non-Muslims, reading introductory books about Islam will enable them to acknowledge the actual Islam and the oneness of Allah, and the correct information about the final Prophet (PBUH) plus his effective ethics that influenced on spreading of Islam. So, we will highlight the highly recommended books about Islam you should read.

First Islamic Book: The Sacred Path To Islam

If you want to figure out how to be closer to Allah and the purpose of this life, besides getting a deep understanding of Islam, this book will meet these demands.

This book is suitable for both new Muslims and non-Muslims, as it covers the fundamental and various topics about Islam. Through these topics, you will get a compelling overview of this religion.

In this book, you’ll identify the religion of Islam, Allah (SWT), the holy Quran, the Messengers and prophets, the stories of old nations, and the pillars of Islam.

Furthermore, you’ll learn about monotheism in Islam, the concepts of polytheism, the sunnah of prophet Muhammed (PBUH), and judgment day.

What’s more, this book is a guide for non-Muslims to know the steps of converting to Islam.

The Sacred Path to Islam book’s author is The sincere Seeker Collection. The year of its publication is 2019.

Second Islamic Book: Understanding The Quran

It’s one of the best books for explaining the verses in the Quran. The primary purpose of this book is to get a proper and deep understanding of the Quran.

In this book, you’ll figure out the construction of the Quran and the link between the recurrent topics and the Quranic context, as well as the elaboration of the chapters and verses.

Moreover, you’ll identify in this book the Islamic principles in Quran about many themes like women, war, marriage, and divorce.

Understanding the Quran book’s author is Muhammed Abdel Haleem. The year of its publication is 2010.

Third  Islamic Book: Allah Loves

For the new Muslims, this book clarifies who are the believers that Allah loves and what are their characteristics. It’s one of the best books that shows you how to be closer to Allah and seek his pleasure.

Furthermore, this book is a guide for you to know the tips to be a better version of yourself on both the religious and social sides.

Also, you’ll learn in this book the signs that show Allah’s love for his believers.

Allah Loves book’s author is Omar Suleiman. The year of its publication is 2020.

Fourth Islamic Book: Welcome To Islam: A Step-by-Step Guide For New Muslims

After converting to Islam, there are many questions that new Muslims ask about Islam basics. So, this book gives them all the answers they need for further clarification about this religion.

Another feature of this book is it indicates practical tips for applying the basics of Islam and the bits of advice that new Muslims need to execute in their lives.

Welcome to Islam book’s author is Mustafa Umar. The year of publication is 2011.

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Fifth Islamic Book: How To Pray: A Step-by-Step Guide to Prayer in Islam

Many new Muslims need to learn the proper way of praying as the prophet Muhammed (PBUH) did. So, this book presents a clear and simple explanation of praying.

Moreover, you will learn what the meanings behind your prayers are, as well as what the meanings behind statements are.

How to Pary book’s author is Mustafa Umar and the year of publication is 2011.

Sixth Islamic Book: Quran in English

It’s one of the best books that ease your understanding of verses in the Quran. It is suitable for different ages, as a 9-year-old child can read it. Also, it fits Muslims and non-Muslims.

One of the features of this book is that it doesn’t require reading another book on the interpretations of verses in the Quran. The translation of the book includes a clear and enough explanation.

Quran in English book’s author is Talal Itani. The year of publication is 2021.

Seventh Islamic Book: 99 Names Of Allah- Guided Journal

This book takes you on a journey of identifying the names of Allah that Muslims use in calling Allah in dua. Also, you’ll discover the beautiful meaning of each name of Allah and their stories. These meanings allow you to know who your lord is.

Additionally, you’ll find out through this book how Allah’s names show in many situations of believers’ lives in the past and present.

99 Names of Allah book’s author is Jihan Yousef and its year of publication is 2021.

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Best book about Islam for a non-muslim

Here are the best books that are suitable for non-Muslims who want to understand and learn more about Islam:

1. The Messenger: The Meanings Of The Life Of Muhammad

It’s one of the best introductory books about the prophet Muhammed (PBUH). It covers the history of the Quran’s revelation to the prophet Muhammed (PBUH) and the vital situations of his biography after Islam.

Furthermore, the author shows the impact of the prophet’s message on the world’s issues today.

The Messenger book’s author is Tariq Ramadan and its year of publication is 2008.

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2. The Meaning of the Quran

If you need a translation of verses in the Quran and a clear understanding of its message, this book achieves what you want. It’s one of the best-seller books of the Quran’s translation.

In this book, you’ll learn about the history of the Quran and understand the monotheism that Allah mentioned in many verses of the Quran, and figure out the beautiful meanings behind the Quranic verses.

The meaning of the Quran books author is Abdullah Yusuf Ali. The year of its publication is 2016.

The other best books that are suitable for non-muslims are: 

  • Islam: Its beauty and wisdom – by DrGohar Mushtaq.
  • Introduction to Islam – by Menna Metawally.
  • The Study Quran: A New Translation and Commentary – by Sayyed Hossein Nasr.

Best Islamic books for new Muslims:

The suitable Islamic books that are suitable for new Muslims:

  • Islam For Beginners: The Complete Little Guide on Islam – by Kamal Yussuf.
  • Islam 101: A Beginners Guide To Understanding The Muslim Faith by A Short Book Project.
  • The Clear Quran – by Mustafa Khattab.

Conclusion – Learn About Islam

Books of Islam give a brief introduction to the basics of this religion. New Muslims and non-Muslims can get an overview of the close relationship between Allah and his believers through books like The Sacred Path To Islam and Allah’s Love.

To identify the Quran in English in a clear and accurate translation and discover the meanings behind verses, you can read books like Understanding the Quran and The Meaning Of The Quran.

Learning about the biography of Prophet Muhammed in Islam is indispensable. Thus, you can know more about the messenger of Allah through books like The Messenger.

Furthermore, getting a firm grasp of Islamic history is essential to learn about Islam. So, the best books you can read about the history of Islam are Islam Explained and In The Shadow Of The Sword.

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