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How To Learn Islam Step By Step? 2023 Best Guide

How To Learn Islam Step By Step 2022 Best Guide

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When you have a sincere desire to discover how to learn Islam step by step, only then will you find the true meaning of your life, and you will know a lot about the ingenious Creator of this universe.

 Only then will you begin to walk towards the source of light, awareness, and inspiration and realize how you can discover your inner light through the teachings of Islam. Through this guide, we will learn how to learn Islam step by step facilely.

Put these valuable steps in your hands to help you simply learn Islam:

Step 1: learn the basics of Islam

For Learning Islam step by step new converts, must know deeply about the main five pillars of Islam or 5 basics of Islam. The basics of Islam are:

  • Shahadah: means the declaration of faith To bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah and that Mohammad is His Messenger to all human beings (Ashhadu an la ellah Ella Allah, w anna Muhammadan Rasool Allah).

You must pronounce the shahada to enter the Islamic religion.

  • Salah: (Prayer/ Arabic: صلاة) it’s meaning comes from the connection between Muslim and Allah.
  • It is performed five times a day by a Muslim who wishes to do so.
  • Sawm: fasting the month of Ramadan (from drinks, food, and sexual intercourse) from dawn to sunset, if medically able to (stop consuming). It generates a will – Power, patience, and sound social consciences.
  • Zakah: charity; the annual amount estimated at 2.5% means the purity of your savings. 
  • Hajj: is when you have the financial and physical ability to go to Mecca for the pilgrimage at least once in a lifetime.

Applying these pillars of Islam, needs deep and pure Faith to practice every single action of one of them. It should be practiced daily, to see its positive impact on your soul and on all aspects of your daily life.

Step 2: study the Basic Principles of Belief in the Doctrine of Islam 

Muslims must believe wholeheartedly in the following main articles of faith:

  • Believe in the one and only God, and He is the only one who deserves servitude.
  • Muslims Believe in the angels of God, who are beings created from pure spiritual light, as they do not sleep, eat or drink, but rather spend their time in the worship of God.
  • Belief in all extant scriptures, including the previously preserved Psalms of David (Zippur), the Manuscripts of Abraham (Sahov), the Gospel (Torah), and the Qur ‘an.
  • The faith of all the messengers of God was sent to the former nations without distinction.
  • Believe in the day of judgment, meaning that there is a resurrection after death to account for the deeds.
  • Belief in destiny is good and bad, meaning recognition of God in everything he chooses in his life and complete confidence that everything that happens in their life is good for them, even if it appears otherwise.

Studying how to learn Islam step by step, besides those Principles of Belief strengthen Muslim’s relationship with God.

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Step 3: Learn Quran as the main source of Islam teachings 

The Noble Qur’an is the most important source of Islamic law, and from it, we derive a unique picture of the morals, principles, and way of living the good life that is pleasing to God. Therefore, it’s an accurate description of the essence of Islam and what a true Muslim should and should not do.

In addition, there is a huge amount of literature on his interpretation (Tafsir / Commentary). One of the most famous interpretations is Tafsir Ibn Katheer. Their English translations are also available online, there is also the Sunnah (Prophetic example).

Note: You may be interested in this Online Tafseer Course – Learn Tafseer With The Best Tutors.

Therefore, Suggest reading the Quran the easiest translation and its Basic terminology. Then, go deeper side by side with Arabic and narrations with context from the author.

When you start reading the Qur’an, you will start learning more about Allah and how merciful and compassionate and forgiving He is. Reading the Qur’an will help you to learn a lot about the religion, as learning directly from the source of the faith.

Step 4: Avoid Focusing Only On Haram Vs. Halal In Early

The idea of focusing on what is haram more than what is permissible early on in my conversion to Islam may be repelling the desire to learn more about it later. That is why you should be familiar with the foundational aspects of religion only as a start.

Learning what is halal and what is haram will come with time, and it should not be the focus of learning about religion early on. You will find there is a lot of beauties of Islam, but if you only learn what is forbidden, you may think that religion is restricted.

Step 5: Study how to respect And Love Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Understand the sacred place of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the hearts of Muslims and how they respect him as the last messenger sent by Allah. They do not worship Him but pray for Him. Rather, they worship God, the Creator alone.

Repeats the demand from God for prayer and peace on Messenger Mohammed. Inreturn, they obtain mercy and forgiveness and raise their ranks from God. And you should follow all of his teachings that are in Hadith (Arabic: الحديث).

Step 6: complete liberation from any misconceptions about Islam

In the beginning, you have to know what the true essence of Islam is and what it calls for? Islam is the true religion of all former religions since the beginning of creation. As well as brings the same message and guidance, from Adam to Jesus.

Then Islam came to finish the message, by sending Prophet Muhammed to be the last messenger to bear the light and guidance for all mankind through Holy Quran and Hadith (Hadith حديث is the teachings, sayings, and all actions of Prophet Mohammed, and has a deep explanation and elaboration of the Quranic verses). So Islam is and final form of complete comprehensive.

‏You may be interested in this Hadith Online Course With Azhari Tutors.

The Quran is the divine source that was revealed to the Lord Muhammad from heaven to earth through the tongue of King Jibril. He came as a complete source of Islamic law and the setting of rules for proper handling of the Muslim and his Lord as well as the society in which he lives.

General principles during learning Islam step by step and how to become a real Muslim 

Besides all previous steps, can follow those blow to  get a good knowledge and more light during you recognize about Islam:

Step 7: Should be have a true intention and willingness to receive the teachings of Islam

When you have the true intention and are willing to receive the teachings of Islam, it will cut you halfway, facilitate your learning process, and eventually lead to an easier pursuit of religion.

It is also one of the fundamental principles of Islam that everyone must be admitted to Islam without coercion or coercion (No compulsion in religion) (لا إكراه في الدين Arabic:).

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Step 8: Have to trust in the belief of there is only one creator of this universe

Belief means in language; Ratification, but as a term; It is the true faith in the heart, the certainty of the words also In your apparent behavior. As a consequence, must believe in the existence of God, in the Messenger of Allah (Quran). Besides, believe in the Day of Heaven, Fire and in the Day of Judgment.

Moreover, there are also many ways to know “God”; yourself as well as the universe around you to realize it. By studying Islam and learning it with our step by step, you can discover more and more about Allah’s “God”.

Helpful concepts for simply diving into how to learn Islam step by step

Here, a group of concepts, make your learning journey more flexible: 

  • Deep knowledge that, ” There is no god except God, no one is worthy of worship except Allah”.
  • Certainty that is, to be certain of the testimony so that he has no doubt. 
  • Delivery to God’s will.
  • It is important to be aware that Islam is the last religion.
  • Thus learn the non authenticity of other religions, to get more certainty and confidence in your new religion.
  • Learn Surat Al-Fatihah and the shortest surahs of the Qur’an. 
  • Learn to pray, Learn How do you pray to Islam? 
  • Learn Cleanness Before Prayer (Alwdoa- Arabic: الوضوء).
  • We advise you to gradually as you learn, starting with the easiest and then the next. 
  • Find a trusted friend with whom you agree to implement the learning program.

Valuable books contribute to succeed in your learning process 

  • Suggest the best religious books to read and download for beginners.
  •  For instance: The Muslim Platform Book (Minhaj al Muslim- Arabic: منهاج المسلم).
  • A book because you are God (lanho Allah -لأنه الله)
  •  The Road to the Qur’an book (al tareek ela al quran:الطريق إلى القرآن)
  •  (Book of zilal al quran: ظلال القرآن).
  • A better tomorrow book (Ghadan Ajmal: غدا أجمل).

All previous was the stages of learning in Islamic education, to To guide you on how to learn Islam from the beginning and how to learn Islamic knowledge simply and best possible way.

You may be interested in this Islamic studies learning programs.

Learn Islam online for kids 

Online Islamic courses are created in a way that facilitates learning at a pace suited to your child’s current level of knowledge. Especially after the global trend towards e-learning.

What is your child expected to learn:

  • How to apply Pillars of Islam.
  • What is prayer and how is it performed?
  • How to be a true Muslim, and what good qualities should he have
  • Important lessons from the life of the Prophet Muhammad and his companions.
  • Historical stories from the Quran and sunnah.‏
  • Stories of the prophets.‏
  • Other important lessons.‏‏

Islamic Studies‏ for Kids is designed to be a step-by-step program, dedicated to instilling a solid Islamic foundation for your child. In addition, your child will learn what should do to be a real Muslim and a good character in any society will be.

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In the end, Islam is one of the fastest-growing religions in the world, so it is necessary to introduce it, show its tolerant principles, and know its highest principles to discover the light of truth and peace. So I looked at the easiest way how to learn Islam step by step.


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