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5 Questions Answered on Online Quran Classes for Kids

5 Questions Answered on Online Quran Classes for Kids

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5 Questions Answered on Online Quran Classes for Kids

Are you a Muslim parent searching for an Islamic school in a non-Muslim country?

Have you ever wondered which Islamic studies program is best for your children?

Are you seeking the most effective methods for providing Islamic education to your children?

Are you concerned about how you will afford your children’s Islamic education?

Why choose Quran House Online Quran Classes for Kids?

Then, look no further! Quran House online Quran classes for kids are your best choice. With years of experience in delivering Islamic courses to non-Arab Muslim children, you can rest assured that your kids will learn the Quran in the most professional, interactive, and engaging way.


5 Questions Answered on Online Quran Classes for Kids
5 Questions Answered on Online Quran Classes for Kids

1- Why Enroll my child in Online Quran Classes for kids?

Online Quran classes for kids do not only help children recite and memorize the Quran but also play an important role in developing their character, refining their behavior, and gaining essential knowledge on how to stand by their Islamic beliefs in their everyday lives. In our online Quran classes, your kids will acquire the following:

●     Islamic manners and behavior

Quran House classes for kids are designed to help children develop social and behavioral skills that are in line with Islamic principles. These classes provide a structured environment in which children can learn how to act and behave in a respectful and upright manner.

●     Islamic etiquette and social skills

Including teaching children about the importance of respect for oneself, others, and Allah, the importance of following Islamic etiquette, the importance of expressing appreciation to others and being mindful of their words and actions.

In addition to that, these classes may cover topics such as the importance of honesty and integrity, the importance of adhering to Islamic dress and appearance standards, being courteous and polite, and showing kindness and compassion to others.

Through these teachings, children are encouraged to become more socially responsible and well-mannered individuals.

●     Islamic Beliefs and Teachings

This covers the fundamentals of Islam, such as the five pillars, the pillars of faith, and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. It also helps children understand how to apply these teachings to everyday life.

●     Islamic Practices and Worship

During their online Quran classes, your kids will know more about different forms of worship, such as prayer, fasting, and charity. They will also learn how to perform salah (prayer) and other Islamic rituals, such as Hajj.

●     Islamic History and Culture

Your kids will get to know more about the history and culture of the Islamic world. It also covers major events, such as the life of the Prophet Muhammad, the major battles in Islamic history, and the rise of Islamic civilization.

●     Islamic Values and Morals

Additionally, kids will learn the moral and ethical principles of Islam, such as mercy, justice, honesty, and respect for others. It also covers the importance of good character and the importance of leading a good and righteous life.

●     Learn Quranic Supplication and Zikr

During Quran House online course for kids, children will learn Quranic supplication and zikr, which are two important Islamic practices.

Supplication is the act of making earnest requests to God, while zikr is the act of repeating certain phrases and words to remember God and His blessings.

In this course, your child will learn and practice the basics of these two acts of worship.

Your child will also learn the benefits of supplication and zikr, how to use them to make positive changes in their life, and how to make supplications and zikr a part of their everyday life, so they can reap its benefits.

5 Questions Answered on Online Quran Classes for Kids

2- Can Quran memorization improve my child’s academic achievement?

The answer is yes! Quran memorization can definitely improve the academic achievement of students.

According to an interesting study done in Indonesia, the academic achievement of Hafiz students was significantly higher than their non-Hafiz colleagues.

This is most probably because of the effect of self-regulated learning, a skill that Hafiz students usually acquire during the Quran memorization process, enabling them to do proper management of time and resources, performing self evaluation, and choosing to create an optimal learning environment and setting learning goals that leads them to success in their academic life.

5 Questions Answered on Online Quran Classes for Kids

3- What are the most Efficient Methods of Teaching Quran to Children

By looking at the Quranic method of teaching humankind the Islamic belief, we can conclude the best and most efficient ways of teaching students the Holy Quran. These Quranic educational methods can be summarized as follows:

  • The story/lecture method
  • The discussion method
  • The question and answer method
  • The practice method
  • Methods of warning and advice

5 Questions Answered on Online Quran Classes for Kids

4- How to make reading the Quran fun for kids?

Teaching the Quran to young learners is sometimes challenging. This is because you always need to create a child-friendly environment to keep them entertained and help them achieve the desired learning outcomes. This entails a variety of tools and techniques including:

  • Engaging young learners in interactive activities.
  • Holding Quran competitions.
  • Rewarding best achievers.
  • Using audiovisual aids.
  • Using mind maps.

5 Questions Answered on Online Quran Classes for Kids

5- Why choose Quran House Online Quran Classes for Kids?

At Quran House, we believe that to upraise our children as strong and knowledgeable Muslims, it is essential to instill the Islamic faith in their hearts at a very early age. Hence, we designed a variety of online Quran classes for kids that respect their age, and their individual learning needs and encourage them to proceed with their first step toward their Islamic studies.

To sum up!

Overall, online Quran courses for kids should be designed to be informative and interactive, giving children a comprehensive understanding of the Quran and Islamic beliefs and practices, so that they can be better equipped to live a life of faith in accordance with Islamic principles.

Still unsure?

Quran House offers you a free trial session before you decide which course is the best for your child, so don’t miss the chance and schedule your free trial session today!



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