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How to Learn Maqamat Quran: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Learn Maqamat Quran

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One who is adept at reciting the Quran will be among the honorable, obedient scribes, and one who reads the Quran but struggles or falters will receive a double reward. The Prophet (PBUH) stated this in regard to Quran recitation. Now that you have begun reciting the Quran, you will notice that professional reciters (Qaris) apply various patterns of melody for recitation, known as Maqamat. How can you learn Maqamat Quran? How can you know the most suitable Maqam for you to apply to?

How to Learn Maqamat Quran

Understand the Basics of Maqamat

Maqam Quran is a system of melodic modes that the human voice can produce. The Arabic Maqam is a melody type, which is a technique of improvisation that defines the pitches, patterns, and development of a word’s pronunciation in order to please the ear and leave a good impression on others.
Learning the Maqamat Quran mainly depends on knowledge that you should gain and practice, which requires investing more of your time. There are mainly seven scales of maqamat Quran, each has its own way to pronounce letters and recite verses. However, any Maqam depends on 2 elements:
How to use your vocal cords
How to elongate your breath span
So, learning Maqamat Quran will help you choose the best Maqam that suits your voice features and recite Quran more beautifully.
The seven scales of the Maqamat Quran include:
Some scholars also recommend learning Kurd Maqam Quran as it is as popular as the other seven.
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How to Choose a Course or Instructor

Like any other educational course, you need to set a learning objective to check if the course or the instructor will help you achieve it or not. Even if you do not need to recite the Quran publicly, you might say that you need to beautify your Quran recitation when you are alone. What aspects should you consider before picking the appropriate course?
1- Learn More About the Instructor
Check the instructor’s qualifications and make sure that their knowledge and experience will guide you to the right practices and best methods to achieve your goals. Look for certifications, educational background, and the feedback that students left after completing the Maqamat Quran course.
2- Check Course Syllabus
Determine the items that you would need to find at the Maqamat Quran course you’re looking for. Then, compare these items to every course syllabus available. It should mainly include a comprehensive study of different Maqamat, the rules of Quranic recitation, and practical exercises to improve your recitation.
It should also include different strategies for breathing, ways to increase it, and types of voice layers. The chosen course must help you control your vocal cords, know how to exercise and warm up to produce pure sounds.
3- Determine Adopted Teaching Methodologies
Some course academies focus more on theoretical aspects than practice. However, Maqamat Quran needs more attention and accuracy, which cannot be achieved by much practicing, either by reciting or listening. At the end, select the course that delivers the adequate amount of time and effort in the right direction. 
In addition, flexibility is a crucial factor that you should ensure is available within the course values, so you can schedule your classes based on your free time.
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4- Know the Duration and Cost
Put the quality of learning Quran beneath your eyes, this affects time and budget. As the duration of learning increases, you will have the ability to learn better. So, if your daily schedule is stuffed for a while, then it is not the best time to learn Maqamat Quran. 
Also, you should determine the budget you can use for learning, if you have any other urgent plans, then try to start learning when you have fewer liabilities. 
5- Review the Educational Platform Reputation
Every educational platform and enterprise now has digital existence on social media and the internet. You can check the feedback that this institution gained throughout the years. Are the majority of students satisfied with the deliverables and final results or not? That is an important metric that you should consider.

Learning the Eight Scales

It is important to learn the eight scales of Maqamat Quran, as you will be able to know the features of each Maqam, and recite using the one that is most suitable occasion, they include:
1- As-Saba (Saba)
This maqam of As-Saba inspires feelings of compassion because it is spiritual and potent. The letters are perfectly pronounced, and each letter takes its adequate time to be recited.
2- Al-Hijaaz (Hijaz)
A purely Arab Maqam that is formed in the ِheart of Arabian Peninsula, Al-Hijaaz. It is a spiritual Maqam that triggers concentration, which makes it one of the most effective Maqamat. 
3- Al-Bayyaat (Bayati)
Al-Bayyaat is a Maqam that evokes feelings of modesty and the fear of Allah. The recitation flow continuity, steadiness, and softness of the way that Maqam adopts makes it one of the most popular Maqamat Quran in the Middle East.
4- Seeka (Sikah)
The slowness and the long time that spans between each verse and the others are the most apparent that Seekha Maqam is featured.
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5- Nahaawand (Nahawand)
This Maqam is one of the top Maqamat Quran. It has a special sad touch that covers its verses .This made it one of the most used Maqamat in grieving and unpleasant events.
6- Rast Maqam (Rast)
Rast is the Maqam that allows reciters to elevate their voice layers gradually to reach the peak at the end of the verse, the middle, or the point that needs stopping. It is a Maqam that is suitable for strong voices that have long breaths that are not easily cut.
7- Ajam
One of the Maqamat Quran is featured with clarity. The reciter’s moderate pitch sends calmness and tranquility to his soul and his listeners.
8- Kurd
It is the flexible Maqam that transfers between high pitches and low pitches seamlessly without being disturbed. It is one of the most enjoyable recitations that both the listener and the reciter have.

Practice Regularly

Most instructors recommend practicing Quran for 2 hours daily, or, in other words, 10 hours weekly at the minimum rate. There are many methods to keep this activity:
1-  You Can Use Technology
There are many apps that help you maintain your skills with Maqamat Quran. Now, they allow you to repeat the verse to listen and recite it more and more, to get the right tone. However, this should occur under the guidance of a tutor.
2- Join a Community or Group
If you go to the Masjid in your local area, you will surely find a maqraa, or Muslims that recite Quran in groups. It is a perfect way to share knowledge, meet new people, and learn new items.

Apply for the Quran Recitation Course !

Many Online academies give you the opportunity to learn Maqamat Quran. Quran House is one of the academies that helps you learn Quran Qiraat Course to have a learning experience that is over your expectations, accompanied by flexibility, professionalism, and hard-working. 

Seek Feedback From Other Reciters

Once you complete your learning phase, try to enhance your relationship with Maqamat experts to help you develop your skills and get integrated feedback that reinforces your knowledge and upgrades your limits. Quran House Tutors are always available to guide you to the correct steps and provide transparent feedback.

Stay Updated

It is important to stay updated, know more about the Quran knowledge and expand to learn more Maqamat, to be a better reciter and achieve more advanced levels.

Do not Forget to Enjoy the Journey!

Remember that reciting Quran using Maqam does not evoke certain moods and emotions only in the listeners, but also in the reciter himself.  Start delivering the message of the Quran in a Maqam that comes from your heart to directly enter the hearts of others.
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