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Top 10 Ramadan Activities for Kids

Ramadan Activities for Kids

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When Ramadan is around the corner, some parents don’t only put a plan for themselves, which contain religious and social activities but also scope out activities for their kids that should be useful for them to get involved in Ramadan’s vibes.

Ramadan’s activities are a huge opportunity for your kids to learn and understand more about worship and deeds that Muslims do during the month. 

They help them get ready for these cults as fasting and reciting the Quran. So, check out the best educational and fun activities your children do during Ramadan.

1. Crafting a Sadaqah box 

The Sadaqah box is a creative idea that helps your children to grasp the importance of this deed and encourage them to collect the money throughout the month. Through this craft, they will love charitable work and get used to helping the poor.

You can help your kids make box craft by bringing transparent plastic, using scissors to make a square shape of the plastic, and making a frame of a carton to stick to the plastic box with glue.

2. Making a Quran Bookmark 

Making a Quran bookmark is a motivating activity for the kids to read the Quran and learn it throughout Ramadan by getting involved in such an exciting activity.

Using a bookmark will help them to mark the page they should start reciting the next time. You can encourage them to make more than one bookmark for themselves and the family.

Here is a step-by-step crafting a bookmark: 

  • Make a bookmark base by folding a card in half.
  • Choose your favourite patterned paper to decorate the bookmark base after cutting it.
  • Stick the patterned paper to the card with glue.
  • The bookmark is done, and you can use it now.

3. Crafting a Ramadan Calendar

Crafting a Ramadan calendar can be made at home instead of buying one. It’s a hands-on activity for your kids that helps them do useful activities in their free time. 

So, start teaching your children to make a Ramadan calendar through these steps:

  • Make 30 square cards using scissors which should be identical.
  • Use a coloured pen to write the numbers of days on the cards.
  • Place cardboard on the table and start sticking the cards to it, in order of days, using glue.
  • On the top of the cardboard, write “Ramadan Calendar”, and you can draw a crescent and star on both sides.
  • Now, you can hang the calendar on the wall.

4. Learning The Quran

Learning the Quran for kids is indispensable during Ramadan. They should start to know how to recite the Quran correctly and retain its verses when they are ready enough for it.

Your children will get used to reading the Quran every Ramadan when they start learning. So, the purpose of this activity is to make reciting the Quran their usual worship every Ramadan.

Learning Quran through a course with highly qualified tutors is the best option for you as time in Ramadan is limited and overcrowded with activities. So check out our online Quran and tajweed course, which is designated for adults and kids. 

5. Reading Islamic Books for Kids 

Reading Islamic books for kids helps them know more about Islam’s teachings and understand them in a smooth method.

This activity will help your kids feel more spiritual vibes during Ramadan and instil good morals and Allah’s love in their hearts.

Here are our recommended Ramadan books for your kids:

Ramadan Moon 

This book is suitable for kids from 4 to 8 years. It explains to kids through illustrations the worship and deeds that Muslims perform during Ramadan. It helps them to understand the children’s feelings towards this month.

The gift of Ramadan

If you have kids from four to seven years old, this book is perfect for them. It teaches them fasting through a simple story. This book can help your kids understand fasting in Islam and how to overcome its hardships.

Under the Ramadan moon

This book is recommended for kids from four to eight years old. It clarifies through illustrations Ramadan religious and social activities that Muslims do during Ramadan.

Lailah’s lunchbox 

Children from five to twelve years old will learn through this book fasting for the first time by telling a story with illustrations. You can use this book to encourage your older kids to practice fasting.

Moreover, you can help your children learn about Ramadan traditions through these books:

Quran House Mob - Quran House

Quran House CTA Desktop - Quran House

6. Crafting Paper Lanterns

Crafting Ramadan lanterns is a lovely activity for kids as they love to play with them. You can help them make a DIY paper lantern through these steps:

  • Pick a lantern template from the internet, then download and print it.
  • Make the lantern’s shape by folding the top and bottom parts of the paper.
  • Unfold the parts’ paper and repeat the previous step with the middle part.
  • From the half, fold the paper and make it a circle.
  • Use the scissors to cut out the handle and frame parts of the paper.
  • Use glue to stick the frames with the lantern paper.
  • Stick the handle to the top of the lantern to be done.

7. Using Ramadan Apps 

Using Ramadan apps can minimize the time the children waste on their phones by using educational and fun apps for them as they will learn more about the Quran, the pillars of Islam, prophetic biography, and more. Here are the recommended Islamic apps for children: 

  • The Seerah of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH).
  • Muslim Kids Series: Dua.
  • 99 Names.
  • Muslim Kids TV.
  • Surahs for Kids.
  • Islamic Quiz Games.

8. Learning about The Moon

Learning about the moon will be a perfect activity for kids if they are passionate about Space. You can spend time with them to teach the moon phase in Ramadan and other Hijri months’ phases.

Use kids’ books like The Faces, or Phases, of the Moon, and you can make the learning process more fun and simple by using a night light projector.

9. Making a Charity Jar

Making a charity jar can be another option for you besides crafting a Sadaqah box. This activity can help your children to practice donating money to a charity they choose.

It motivates them to collect the largest sum of money, whether they are coins or papers.

Start teaching your kids how to craft a charity jar through these steps:

  • Find an empty jar that is suitable for handcrafts, or you can use a canning jar.
  • Create a small circle of poster board.
  • Write “My Sadaqah /charity jar” on the postcard.
  • Attach the postcard to the jar using glue.

10. Practicing to Make Duas

Practicing to make duas is one of the best activities that your children do during Ramadan. They will train to ask Allah when they wish for something.

To ease this activity, you can make a box of 30 duas cards during Ramadan, then every day, let your children pick a card, explain the dua, and help them retain and recite it.

Best Online Courses For Ramadan:

Quran And Tajweed Courses

Arabic Courses

Islamic studies Courses:


Ramadan activities for kids help them spend useful time during this month learning about fasting and other worship like giving sadaqah. 

Making charity boxes, Ramadan calendars, and paper lanterns are the best fun activities for them.

For educational activities, they can read Islamic books for kids, use Islamic apps, and the learn Quran through online courses.

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