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Ramadan Mubarak Wishes? – Best 4 Ramadan Kareem Wishes!

What is Ramadan Kareem - Best 4 Ramadan Wishes!

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Here is the best Ramadan Kareem wishes with the meaning entitled. They are quick and to the point Ramadan wishes. Read it and send it to others.

What is the meaning of Ramadan Kareem meaning? 

The word KAREEM is derived from the Arabic root Karam meaning an action/act of generosity towards self and others. 

So when you combine this word with Ramadan and say to others Ramadan Kareen, it actually means we can see how unique this holy month is where Allah blesses His Believers with generous blessing!

During this blessed Ramada, believers reveal generosity by extending their hands out to assist those less fortunate than them, donating their wealth to charity work, or volunteering at local mosques to help feed those hungry amongst us. 

So, the meaning behind this Ramadan Kareem is so great. Let’s use it often when wishing someone a blessed month.

Best Ramadan Wishes and Greetings

There are many Wishes and greetings that Muslims used to congratulate each other by the time Ramadan arrives.

1. Kul Aam Wa Antum Bi Khayr “You Are All So Fine In Ramadan”

Muslims used to greet each other saying, “You are all so fine” before the month of Ramadan begins and during it.

2. Ramadan Kareem

The saying ” Ramadan Kareem” is familiar among Muslims in the Arab world, especially in Egypt. Its meaning is: “May Allah makes Ramadan  generous to all Muslims.” The word ‘generous’ here means to be full of breadwinners. 

3. Ramadan Mubarak

The word Ramadan Mubarak means “May Allah makes this month full of benediction and blessedness. Ramadan Mubarak is the most common greeting during the month of Ramadan among Arab Muslims.

4. Ramadan Saeed “Happy Ramadan” 

People of Some Countries congratulate each other on arriving on Ramadan saying Ramadan Saeed in Arabic which actually means Happy Ramadan for all.

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