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What to avoid during Ramadan? – 5 Simple Acts

What should you not do during Ramadan - 5 Simple Acts

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In addition to not eating, drinking, smoking, and having sexual relations, there are other forbidden activities during Ramadan that Muslims should not do during this blessed month:

1. Do not waste time

Ramadan is a precious period. Do not waste time on useless activities such as watching TV, shopping, or oversleeping. You should utilize your time constructively by Indulging in praying and worship.

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2. Avoid arguing or fighting

Avoid arguing or fighting when interacting with others during Ramadan. Muslims should maintain peace and show compassion towards others during these four weeks as much as possible.

3. Do not listen to loud music/songs

Listening to loud music/songs is not acceptable during Ramadan.

Some people look forward to consuming evenings gathering together and listening to loud music/songs. It is strictly forbidden throughout the month.

Some religious learners make allowances for singing songs that promote religious devotion.

4. Do not shake hands, kiss, or hug friends of the opposite sex

Any intimate contact must not be done during the hours of fasting. Muslims should be more reserved during the holy month.

5. Do not wear revealing or tight clothes

Wearing revealing or tight clothes is against the teachings of the Islamic religion, so wear respectful clothing during this period.

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