Women Reading The Quran during menses? – Quran Worships During Period!

Reading the Quran during menses Here’s your Dos and Don'ts Guide!

If you spent time being upset because you thought that you will be fully away from worshipping Allah and reading the Quran during menses, then it is time to adjust your way of thinking and to know better about women’s rulings related to the Quran during the period. Let’s dive in and learn more.

Can We Worship Allah During Menstruation 

Menstruation is not a barrier as you think, as there is a lot of worship you can do while having it. Allah set some rules for all Muslim women to follow during menstruation time, and in this article, we will answer all questions and worries in your mind, adding to this we will let you know what to do and not do if you want to read Quran while having your period by providing you with a full guide.

The biggest concerns for Muslim women.

The superior and most common concerns that come to any woman’s mind during the period are: 

  • Can I learn, touch, recite and listen to the Quran during my period?
  • What are the Islamic rules for me as a woman related to reading the Quran while having the period?
  • Will my period completely prevent me from worshipping? And if not then how should I worship Allah? 
  • Will my prayers and dua be accepted? 

You can relate to all these big concerns, aren’t you? 

We got you sister! No need for more worries, as we mentioned that they are so common and pretty normal concerns. So in the following text, we will answer all those questions in detail.

Here we will answer all your questions regarding reading and reciting Quran During Menses:

Can I read, recite, and learn the Quran while menstruating?

You can read, recite and learn the Quran during menstruation but with certain conditions and prerequisites. Quran during menses is one of the issues that imams (scholars) of Islam differed on and they were divided into two groups, one forbidding and the other one allowing and each of them has it is own pieces of evidence.

  1. The Minority of Scholars Forbid women from reading the Quran during menstruation.

Most of the fuqaha (Islam scholars) say that it is not allowed and haram for Muslim women to read and recite Quran during their period, till she is purified (Tahir), and they state their opinion on the following evidence: 

They include the case of menstruation under the rulings for janabah (it is the impurity case that happens after sexual intercourse) as both cases require ghusl (bathing). 

They also took this Hassan hadith as strong evidence for their fatwa: It was narrated:

‘Abdullah bin Salamah said: “I entered upon ‘Ali bin Abu Talib and he said: ‘The Messenger of Allah used to go to the lavatory and relieve himself, then come out, and he would eat bread and meat with us and recite Qur’an, nothing stopped him’ or perhaps he said: ‘prevented him from doing so except sexual impurity.'”

  1. Allowing women to read the Quran during menstruation.

The other majority of scholars as Ibn Taymiyyah, ibn Qayyim, Imam Malik, Bukhari, and one opinion of Imam Al Shafii said that it is allowed for Muslim women to read, recite, and even learn Quran while having menses, and they state their opinion on the following evidence.

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Evidence For Women Reading Quran During Menses

1- The principle in Islam is that everything is allowed unless there is a piece of evidence for the contrary. There are a lot of Quran verses and hadith related to menstruation itself but none of them prevented women from reading Quran or mentioned any prohibitions.

2- This kind of prohibition during menstruation for women may lead to disadvantages for those Muslim women as most of them need to recite Quran in order not to forget or for learning and teaching purposes, also this prevention makes them lose a chance for rewards and sawab from Allah.

3- The state of janabah and menstruation are not the same and can’t be included under the same rulings as the junub Muslim can remove his/her janabah by ghusl which means he/she has the option to remove the barrier while the menstruating woman does not have the same option! Besides, the junub Muslim must do ghusl when the time for prayer comes while the menstruation lasts for several days.

Could I as a Muslim woman touch the Quran during periods?

For any Muslim woman who is in the time of menses, you should know that you can not touch Quran as Allah says in the Quran “None shall touch it except the purified” (Waqiah: 79). 

This includes the junub (sexually impure), the menstruating woman, as well as someone without wudhu.

What is allowed during menstruation in Islam?

Use gloves or a piece of cloth but do not directly let your hands touch the Quran, also you can put mushaf on a table and read it using your eyes without any touching, and the last tip is to use the Quran application on your phone.

A lot of Muslim women always wonder if they are allowed to make dua and dhikr and what is the case for praying and fasting during menstruation, so let’s simplify the rules together: 

Replace Prayer and Fasting with Other acts of worship. When it comes to worship, Muslim women must know that things like praying, fasting, and touching Quran are completely prohibited but with regard to Takbir, dhikr, saying Subhan-Allah, praising Allah, saying Bismillah when eating and so on, and reading hadith, fiqh, and du’as, or saying Amin to du’as, and listening to Quran, none of these things are forbidden.

And as evidence: Narrated `Aisha: The Prophet (ﷺ) used to recite the Qur’an with his head in my lap while I used to be in my periods (having menses).

Now as a Muslim woman, you have learned the Dos and Don’ts during menstruation and how you can worship Allah through dua’ and dhikr even when you can not pray or fast. And a pro tip from us, be kind to yourself during this period of time.

Can I read the Quran on my phone while menstruating?

Yes, You can read the Quran on your phone during menstruation but you need to use gloves or a piece of cloth and not directly let your hands touch the Quran.

Do I have to wear a hijab while reading the Quran?

It is permissible for a woman to recite the Qur’an without wearing a hijab. There is no evidence from the Quran and sunnah that commands her to cover her head when reciting the Qur’an. But if a woman does as an act of honour, she will be inshaAllah rewarded. 

It was narrated that Imam Malik used to wear his most beautiful clothes when he started narrating the hadith of the Prophet (PBUH). He also used to put on the best perfume that he had and sat in the most perfect form, and he had tranquillity and dignity.

Conclusion – Why Muslim Women Can’t Do Some worship?

It’s from Allah’s mercy on you that he prohibited some hard worship that requires extra energy from you in such vulnerable cases you have during menses, and at the same time he accepts all your dua and other verbal worship, Allah is near and listening to you all the time. In the end, we really hope this article helped you answer all the questions and concerns that may be popping up in your mind.

Also because we know that all of us as women always have religious concerns about what is eligible and what is not or what is okay to do as a Muslim woman and what is not. We provided a great service specially presented for you which is offering female Quran tutors for sisters that can truly help you be a good Muslim that knows Islam and its rulings very well and most importantly help you answer all concerns in your mind and erase all your doubts.

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