Surah Maryam Benefits, Secrets, And Lessons

Guide on Surah Maryam Tafseer, Benefits, And Lessons

This article is a brief comprehensive guide on Surah Maryam. It simply covers various topics. It Includes Surah Maryam Maksud, Asbab Al-Nuzul, time, place of revelation, interesting facts about Surah Maryam, and Surah Maryam Tafseer. It also includes the benefits and lessons of Surah Maryam.

What Is Surah Maryam?

Surah Maryam is one of the greatest Surahs in the Quran. It is a Makki Surah that comprises a number of great Quranic stories.

The stories of Surah Maryam teach the correct faith of a Muslim. They also show the Quran is authored by Allah (SWT) as no one could have known these stories at that place and time except The All-Knowing.

Surah Maryam comprises great lessons that are worth proper understanding. It has great benefits related to its recitation and reflection upon its meaning. There is no known authentic revelation supporting the claims of its benefits for pregnancy or marriage.

What Is the Maksud of Surah Maryam?

Surah Maryam is one of the great Surahs of the Quran owing to its speech about the main attributes of Allah (SWT); mainly his Oneness. Surah Maryam teaches the Islamic Aqeedah (Faith) by narrating the stories of several prophets and messengers such as Zakariya, Yahya, Isa (Jesus), Moses, and Abraham.

Surah Maryam is named after Maryam; the mother of Isa (Jesus) peace be upon him. It narrates her story and Prophet Isa’s miraculous birth. It replies to those who accused Maryam of committing adultery. It also replies to those who claimed Jesus (PBUH) is God or the son of God in a set of beautiful, heart-touching verses.

Surah Maryam enriches people’s faith in the day of judgment by narrating the most highlighted events on that day and replying to its deniers.

Surah Maryam is ordered on the 19th in the Quran and consists of ninety-eight verses making it a relatively long Surah.

Surah Maryam Benefits:

Surah Maryam has many benefits owing to its moral lessons and the great stories involved. However, many people allegedly claim that Surah Maryam has benefits for marriage and pregnancy. We will discuss these claims in the following paragraphs.

1. The benefit of Surah Maryam Recitation

Surah Maryam is one of the great surahs of the Quran. The reward of its recitation is great as each letter is worth multiples of ten hasanat (credit for good deeds). The surah is relatively long and comprises more letters and hasanat respectively.

If you recite Surah Maryam with proper understanding and pondering, you will get much more hasanat. In addition, you will learn the lessons of Surah Maryam as we previously discussed.

2. The benefit of Surah Maryam for Pregnancy

Surah Maryam benefit for pregnancy is actually not true. There is no authentic hadith or verse in the Quran that supports such a claim. A Muslim should be aware of his source of knowledge and practice.

3. The benefit of Surah Maryam for Marriage

The benefit of Surah Maryam for marriage is not authentic. Many people allegedly claim online that Surah Maryam is beneficial to marry whom you love if your family refuses. That is a false claim as there is no Quranic or authentic Sunnah evidence. Besides, it is forbidden in Islam to have haram love stories before marriage.

Lessons from Surah Maryam

Surah Maryam has many beneficial lessons related to the faith in Allah and the power of supplication and prayer. If you want to learn more lessons, join Quran House Institute Quran courses for more professional Quranic lessons.

1. Islam Is the Message of All Prophets

Surah Maryam narrates the story of several prophets and praises them all. It clarified they all called to the very same message of Islam. Even Jesus (PBUH) who is allegedly claimed to be a son of God was a great prophet from God and called people to Islam. This indicates Islam is the message of all prophets.

2. Allah (SWT) Is One not Three

Allah (SWT) is one and couldn’t be three. Allah (SWT) doesn’t have a son, a wife, or any partner. This fact was clearly discussed and proved throughout Surah Maryam.

3. Allah (SWT) Accepts Your Prayers Whenever You Pray with Faith

Allah (SWT) accepted Zakariya’s prayers and granted him a righteous son. Learn from Prophet Zakariya (PBUH) how to supplicate to Allah (SWT) in faith. In fact, performing duaa is dignified worship.

4. Allah (SWT) Is the Powerful and The Omnipotent

Allah (SWT) accepted prophet Zakariya’s prayer and made his dream come true although it was apparently impossible. We say as Allah (SWT) said in Surah Maryam, it is easy for Allah (SWT) as nothing weakens his power.

5. Sons and daughters Are Gifts from Allah

Allah (SWT) gifted Zakariya (PBUH) with his righteous son Yahia (PBUH). He (SWT) gifted Maryam with Jesus (PBUH). He (SWT) also gifted Abraham (PBUH) with Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, and their descendants. All of them were merits from Allah to his righteous servants.

6. Allah (SWT) Send Signs and Messages to People

Allah (SWT) doesn’t ever leave people without guidance. He (SWT) sent them prophets and messengers with clues of their truthfulness. Allah proved Jesus’s prophethood and exculpated Maryam from adultery by making Jesus (PBUH) speak in the cradle that he is the prophet of Allah (SWT). Likewise, Allah did that with all his prophets where he sent them miracles as proof of their truthfulness.

7. Never Follow the Footsteps of Parents in Polytheism or Disbelief

Although Abraham’s father was a polytheist and an idol worshiper, Abraham refused to obey him and chose the right path of Allah. That however didn’t prevent Abraham (PBUH) from calling his father to Islam in wisdom.

When and Where Was Surah Maryam Revealed?

Surah Maryam was revealed in Makkah before Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) hijra to Madinah. It is a Makki Surah as Muslim scholars Suggested. This is supported by the fact that Surah Maryam’s main concern is Aqeedah ‘faith’. However, some scholars say two verses are Madani which are: verse 58 and verse 71.

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Why Was Surah Maryam Revealed (Asbab Al-Nuzul)?

Surah Maryam was revealed on several, separate occasions as it is relatively long. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss some of Surah Maryam Asbab al-nuzul.

1. The late Coming of Angel Jibril

It happened that some people asked the prophet (PBUH) about the story of the cavemen and Dhi-Al-Karnayn (a righteous leader from the past). Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) couldn’t reply except with a revelation from Allah (SWT). However, Angel Jibril didn’t descend with the revelation soon and prophet Muhammad (PBUH) waited for him for much time. When the Angel Jibril descended with the revelation.

Allah (SWT) revealed this verse: “[Gabriel said],1 “And we [angels] descend not except by the order of your Lord. To Him belongs that before us and that behind us and what is in between. And never is your Lord forgetful” (Quran 19:64)

2. Obayy Ibn Khalaf Disbelief

Obayy Ibn Khalaf was one of the Meccan polytheists who denied the Day of Judgment and resurrection. He rubbed worn-out bones between his hands and said to his companions in mockery: “Muhammad claims that we will be resurrected after death!”.

Allah (SWT) revealed: “Yet ˹some˺ people ask ˹mockingly˺, “After I die, will I really be raised to life again?” Then He (SWT) replied to them: “Do ˹such˺ people not remember that We created them before when they were nothing?” (Quran 19:66-67)

3. Al-Aas Ibn Wael Disbelief

Al-Aas Ibn-Wael was one of the most hostile disbelievers. He owed a Muslim an amount of money as a loan. Yet, he refused to return the money to the Muslim unless he disbelieves in Muhammad (PBUH).

The Quran narrated that he replied to the Muslims in Mockery that when he will be resurrected, he will have a lot of money and children.

Allah says in the Quran: “Then, have you seen he who disbelieved in Our verses and said, “I will surely be given wealth and children [in the next life]” Allah (SWT) replied saying: “Has he looked into the unseen or has he taken from the Most Merciful a promise?” (Quran 19:77-78)

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Interesting Facts About Surah Maryam

There are some interesting facts about Surah Maryam we will discuss in the following few paragraphs.

1. Surah Marriam Was Named After Lady Merry

Surah Maryam is the only Surah in the Quran named after a woman. This woman is Maryam the mother of Jesus (PBUH). You may be amazed to know there is no Surah called Jesus while there is a great Surah called Maryam. 

This indicates a great mother brings up a great child by the will of Allah (SWT). This also shows the high status of Maryam in Islam, as she was praised in the Quran many times in Surah Al-Imran, Surah Anbyaa, and Surah Al-Tahreem. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said Maryam is one of the greatest women of all time. ( Sahih al-Bukhari 3769)

2. Surah Maryam Was Revealed in Makkah Where No Jews or Christians Existed

Surah Maryam narrates the story of Maryam and Jesus (PBUH) in specific detail. It was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Makkah where no Christians or Jews existed. Moreover, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was illiterate with no knowledge of the previous scriptures or other foreign languages. This is evidence of the divine source of the Quran.

The Surah does not just narrate the story of Maryam, Jesus, and other prophets (PBUT), but it also comments on the false beliefs of Jews and Christians and corrects them.

Surah Maryam Tafseer

Surah Maryam Tafseer is full of beautiful unique stories of prophets and messengers. These stories are fruitful and worth to be understood and learning by heart. In this section, we will discuss the tafseer of Surahs by discussing the stories narrated and highlighting their most important aspects.

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The Story of Prophet Zakariya and Yahia in Surah Maryam Verses 1-15

The story of Prophets Zakariya and Yahya is the first story narrated in Surah Maryam. It starts with Zakariya (PBUH) supplicating to Allah (SWT) and performing prayers. He (PBUH) revealed his pain and spoke to Allah of his old age, weakness, and his wife’s sterility. He prayed to Allah in weakness to give him a righteous son who hears him.

Allah (SWT) immediately accepted his prayers and granted him a righteous child. Zakariya felt surprised at the power of Allah when Allah (SWT) told him it is not difficult for Allah as he created him while he was nothing!

The Story of Maryam and ‘Isa’ Jesus (PBUH) in Surah Maryam Verses 16-36

The story of Maryam and Jesus (PBUH) is the most famous one in Surah Maryam. It starts when Maryam took a veil and went away from people. An angel of Allah appeared to her in the figure of a human where she sought refuge from him out of her piety and bashfulness.

The angel reassured her saying he is a messenger of Allah to grant her a righteous child. Maryam felt amazed at how she could bear a child without marriage!

She became pregnant miraculously by the will of Allah (SWT) without any marriage or sexual relationship. When she gave birth to ‘Isa’ Jesus (PBUH), she went to people where they accused her of adultery. Allah (SWT) revealed her innocence and Isa’s miraculous birth by letting him speak as a neonate.

Isa (PBUH) said to them he is the servant of Allah who had given him the book and made him a prophet. Allah (SWT) comments on the story saying that this is Jesus who they claim he is a son of God! Allah (SWT) doesn’t bear children; he is far more glorious and dignified.

The Story of Prophet Abraham in Surah Maryam Verses 41-50

The story of Prophet Abraham (PBUH) is one of the most amazing stories in the Quran. Surah Maryam reveals how he disobeyed his father and refused polytheism and idols to worship Allah (SWT) alone without any partners. However, he was faithful and good to his father and he called him to monotheism in a set of beautiful phrases.

His father refused his call to Islam and threatened to harm him if he continued. Prophet Abraham replied: “peace upon you, I will ask Allah to forgive you”. It is worth mentioning Allah (SWT) then forbade asking forgiveness for polytheists in Surah Al-Mumtahanah.

Allah (SWT) granted prophet Abraham (PBUH) his sons Isaac and then Jacob and they and their descendants became prophets.

The Story of Other Prophets in Surah Maryam Verses 51-58

Allah (SWT) mentioned Prophet Moses, Haroon, Ishmael, and Idris and praised them all. Each of them has a specific virtue and Allah (SWT) chose him for a mighty purpose.

Allah’s Clarification of The True Aqeeda ‘Faith’ In Surah Maryam

Allah (SWT) clarified the true faith people should believe in. He (SWT) replied to those who accused Maryam of adultery (Jews) and those who claimed Jesus as a son of God (Christians).

Allah (SWT) narrated what will happen on the day of judgment and provided clear proof of it as we discussed in Surah Maryam Asbab al-nuzul. Surah Maryam is dedicated to discussing aspects of the Islamic monotheistic Aqeeda as does the rest of the Makki Surahs.

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Learn To Memorize Surah Maryam

Learning to memorize Surah Maryam is super easy if you learn its stories by heart. It could be easier to divide the surah into a couple of stories and memorize them one by one. It would also help to read its Tafseer along with listening to the recitation of a sheik.

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