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You Believe 5 Wrong Benefits of Surah Yusuf - 5 lessons learned

Surah Yusuf is a Meccan Surah, Its is the twelfth order among the surahs of the Qur’an after Surat Hud. Surah Yusuf is distinguished by mentioning the complete story of the Prophet Yusuf (AS) in a wonderful narrative style, and it is the longest story in the Qur’an in one context. That is why it was named after the Prophet Yusuf because it includes his story.

1. Surah Yusuf benefits in pregnancy.

There is no authentic evidence for any benefits of surah Yusuf for pregnancy. The Islam scholars explained that there is no text in the Quran or Sunnah, which indicates that reading Surah Yusuf for a pregnant woman increases the beauty of the child.

And what spreads from these rumors are misleadings that we as Muslims should not take into account, since we derive our religion from Quran and Sunnah, and what the majority of Islam scholars have agreed upon and otherwise is misguidance that is not permissible to take into account because there is no religious or scientific evidence.

However, there is nothing wrong with a pregnant woman dedicating daily time to reading and listening to the Qur’an without allocating a specific surah because it is an act of worship that the woman is rewarded for.

Scientific experiments have proven that all the elements of hearing in the fetus are complete when it reaches the sixth month of pregnancy, it is hoped that the Quran will positively affect the fetus and bring benefits to it, For what is good and blessing.

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2. Surah Yusuf benefits for beauty.

Reading Surah Yusuf does not make you beautiful, and does not affect your beauty at all, because there is no legitimate evidence for this and nothing to do with the verses of the surah that talk about the beauty of Yusuf by affecting the beauty of a person.

3. Surah Yusuf benefits for love.

Some believe that Surah Yusuf is one of the Surahs that instills love in the hearts of people.

And the truth is that there is no evidence in the Quran and Sunnah that prove this. Still, in reading Surah Yusuf there is much good, as it is the best of stories, and has many lessons.

4. Surah Yusuf benefits for marriage.

There is a misunderstanding regarding the subject of reading Surah Yusuf that facilitates marriage.

As there is no Islamic text that states that Surat Yusuf has a benefit for marriage.

 it is not permissible to pay attention to this gossip, and here it is necessary to pray a lot from Allah to grant you a good husband or a good wife, Allah is near and hears answers prayers

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5. Surah Yusuf benefits baby boys.

When we talk about Surat Yusuf, we must mention envy.

Yaqub (AS), feared Yusuf from his brothers’ envy of him, and envy is mentioned in Quran, but there is a group who believes that reading Surah Yusuf prevents envy from children, and this is not contained in any evidence, whether from Qur’an or Sunnah.

Four Lessons we should learn from surah Yusuf.

When you learn Quran right, your will discover 4 main lessons learned from Surah Yusuf:

  1. Beware of jealousy, Jealousy leads to breaking ties and severing ties of kinship. As we witnessed in the story of Yusuf (AS), Yaqub (AS), stopped Yusuf from telling the dream he saw to his brothers.
  2. Be patient and delegate your affairs to Allah, Yusuf, peace be upon him, suffered a lot as he was thrown into the well and sold as a slave and imprisoned, but patience was his companion in every adversity.
  3. Forgiveness when possible, As Yusuf Forgave the wife of Al-Aziz and his brothers after Allah empowered him and placed him in charge of the treasuries of the land of Egypt.
  4. Fear Allah wherever you are, Yusuf (AS), was subjected to various kinds of temptations by the wife of Al-Aziz, but his fear of Allah made him bear all kinds of harm, fearing and believing in Allah.

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In this article, we explained the story of Yusuf (AS) and presented some wrong beliefs taken from Surat Yusuf.

In the end, we mentioned the most important lessons learned from Surah Yusuf.

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Short story of prophet Yusuf

Prophet Yusuf (AS) was born in Palestine. He is the son of the Prophet Yaqub (AS). The story of Yusuf (AS) takes place in the land of Palestine, where a people called the Canaanites lived in Palestine; In relation to their father Canaan.

Yusuf (AS) had eleven brothers, and Yusuf (AS) loved his father more than the rest of his brothers. One day he saw in a dream eleven stars and the sun and the moon would prostrate to him. He told his father Yaqub what he saw, so his father ordered him not to tell his brothers what he saw.

Yaqub was afraid of the plots of his brothers. Those who hated him because he loved Yusuf more than them, but the news of the dream reached his brothers in some way.

The Dream enraged them and increased hatred in their hearts and they decided to throw Yusuf into the well.

While Yusuf (AS) was in the well, a caravan came and threw its pail to drink from the well, They saw Yusuf, and they were pleased with that, so they took him as a slave and sold him for a cheap price to Al Aziz.

Yusuf (AS) explained the dream of the King of Egypt, where he told him that Egypt will spend seven years in which water and rain will abound then, Seven years will come in which there will be drought and thirst, so people should prepare provisions and food, and conserve water during the good years of lean and famine years.

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The king was surprised by Yusuf’s ability to interpret dreams which made him responsible for the country’s economy and preparing people for years of drought and drought.

Thus Joseph lived in the land of Egypt and Allah empowered him after he sold a slave and imprisoned there.

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