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8 Best Benefits of Surah Abasa ـــ Important Lessons From Surah Abasa

Benefits of Surah Abasa ـــ Important Lessons From Surah Abasa

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Surah Abasa Meaning: A Comprehensive Overview

Surah Abasa is Surah 80 of the Quran and a chapter in the Islamic holy book that includes 42 verses. It was revealed to the Prophet Muhammed- peace be upon him- during his early years of prophethood in Mecca. The Surah takes its name from the first word of the first verse, “Abasa,” which means “He frowned.”

This short yet powerful chapter holds immense significance in Islam. It teaches us important lessons about humility, gratitude, and treating people kindly and respectfully. Besides, it warns of the consequences of arrogance and neglecting the needs of others.

Surah Abasa Story: An Incident of Learning and Reflection

The story behind Surah Abasa is both poignant and instructive, serving as a lesson in humility and the importance of spiritual inclusivity. The Surah recounts an incident involving the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and a blind man named Abdullah ibn Umm-Maktum.

The Incident:

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was in the midst of a conversation with some leaders of the Quraysh tribe, attempting to convey the message of Islam to them. During this crucial dialogue, Abdullah ibn Umm-Maktum, who was blind, approached the Prophet seeking spiritual guidance. The Prophet frowned and turned away, focusing on the Quraysh leaders he was hoping to influence.

Divine Intervention:

It was at this point that the revelation of Surah Abasa occurred. The Surah begins by criticizing the Prophet’s act of turning away from Abdullah, emphasizing that the quest for spiritual knowledge should never be disregarded, regardless of who is seeking it.

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Surah Abasa Benefits:

Reciting Surah Abasa has numerous benefits. Some of its benefits are:

1. Surah Abasa Protects From Arrogance

Reciting Surah Abasa helps to remind us that all people are equal in front of Allah and that we should treat everyone respectfully.

It also reminds us to remain humble, thankful, and aware of our actions. By internalizing these lessons, we can better connect with Allah (SWT) and deepen our spiritual practice.

2. Surah Abasa Brings peace to the heart and mind

Reciting Surah Abasa brings peace to the heart and mind. The words of this chapter are calming, helping us to release stress or anxiety. By incorporating regular recitation of Surah Abasa into our daily routine, we can experience a greater sense of inner calmness.

3. Surah Abasa Increases Wealth and Blessings

It is believed that reciting Surah Abasa can increase a man’s wealth and blessings. Through its powerful message, this surah teaches us the significance of striving for success while remaining grounded in faith.

It was narrated about the virtue of reciting Surah Abasa:

“Whoever carries it written on a piece of paper or skin of an animal will attain goodness on his journey, and that which troubles him will be sufficient. Besides, whoever recites it for three days every day, seven times on a well that has been depleted will be abundant. Whoever recites it on a buried one who is strayed from him, Allah (SWT) will guide him.”

But the last narration we can’t ensure its authenticity, but it could generally refer to the benefits and virtues of Surah Abasa

4. Surah Abasa Protects from harm during travel

This Surah acts as a shield against harm and danger during travel.

The authority of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said about Surah Abasa: “If a traveler recites it on his way, he will be protected from what follows him on his way in that journey.”

Moreover, the recitation of Surah Abasa helps one gain protection against evil spirits or enemies.

Note: the last narration we can’t ensure its authenticity, but it could generally refer to the benefits and virtues of Surah Abasa.

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5. Surah Abasa Boosts Self-confidence

Reciting Surah Abasa helps boost self-confidence and overwhelm shyness and fear. That is because the recitation of this surah is believed to bring about success in all matters and help one achieve his objectives.

It is also believed in Islamic tradition that reciting Surah Abasa can protect a person from poverty, but there is no evidence for that.

6. Blessings in the afterlife

Regularly reciting this Surah can lead to blessings in the afterlife.

It was narrated on the authority of the Prophet, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family, that he said: “Whoever reads this surah will come out of his grave on the Day of Resurrection (Qiyamah), laughing with joy, and whoever writes it on parchment and hangs it will see nothing but good wherever he goes.”

Overall, Surah Abasa is a powerful chapter of the Quran that offers numerous spiritual and worldly benefits.

7. Spiritual purification

Surah Abasa helps in spiritual purification and tranquility by removing negative thoughts and feelings from the mind and heart.

Surah Abasa helps individuals become more self-aware and recognize their faults and weaknesses.

By doing so, they can work towards improving themselves to become better Muslims and deepen their faith.

8. Healing power

In Islamic tradition, reciting Surah Abasa is believed to have healing power for various physical and psychological ailments. That is because it contains verses that express seeking help and guidance from Allah. 

However, there is no evidence of that.

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What are the primary themes covered in Surah Abasa?

The main themes of Surah Abasa are:

  • The Surah mainly emphasizes the significance of having faith and reliance on Allah.
  • The effectiveness of prayer and supplication.
  • The necessity of being patient and persistent during challenging times.
  • The rewards for those who maintain their unwavering trust in Allah.
  • Allah’s kindness and forgiveness towards those who repent and submit to Him.
  • Reminder about the importance of humility and gratitude for Allah.
  • The importance of observing and respecting the signs of Allah’s power and mercy in the world around us.

Lessons from Surah Abasa

Surah Abasa offers valuable lessons that can positively impact us. By integrating these teachings into our everyday interactions with others, We can become better individuals personally and professionally, besides being more merciful.

The lessons from Surah Abasa are clear:

1. Prioritize kindness and mercy

Allah revealed Surah Abasa as a reminder for everyone that no matter their status or how significant their work is, they should always prioritize kindness and mercy towards others.

2. Interact with all individuals respectfully

It is important to interact with all individuals respectfully and in a dignified manner, irrespective of any differences or biases based on appearance, background, or social status. Underestimating someone solely based on such factors should be avoided at all times.

3. Accountability and responsibility

The Surah also teaches us about accountability and responsibility, every action has consequences, so we must be aware of our acts permanently.

4. True guidance comes only from Allah

Another lesson from Surah Abasa is that true guidance comes only from Allah, not worldly possessions or material wealth. Therefore, it reminds us to seek His direction in everything we do and strive for His satisfaction above all else.

5. You are solely concerned about Your affairs 

On the day of Judgement (Qiyamah), a man will be solely concerned about his affairs and evade his family members such as his siblings, mother, father, spouse, and children. So, we should strive for Allah’s satisfaction in all our behaviors.

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How to memorize Surah Abasa

Memorizing Surah from the Noble Quran is a spiritual journey that requires full commitment and dedication. Here are some useful tips that can assist you memorize Surah Abasa:

  • Understand the meaning of Surah Abasa and read its commentary so that you can remember the verses easier.
  • Break the Surah into smaller parts or sections.
  • Make a daily routine to recite the Surah multiple times. 
  • Listen to recordings of the Surah recited by a Qari and follow along with the text.
  • Visualize the Surah in your mind as you recite it. That can help you retain and recall the verses more easily.
  • Seek guidance from a teacher or a qualified scholar who can help you with the correct pronunciation and intonation of the verses.
  • Join an online Quran Course.


Surah Abasa benefits include valuable spiritual guidance and numerous blessings to those who recite it regularly. It also provides valuable lessons that we should strive to implement in our daily lives as Muslims seeking Allah’s satisfaction.

Additionally, reciting Surah Abasa with sincerity and focus can bring peace and tranquility, besides strengthening one’s connection with Allah.

Embrace the spiritual journey through Reading And Reciting the Quran. The act of recitation brings tranquility, purifies the heart, and brings us closer to our Creator.


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