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Tajweed Books in English – Top 9 Short Books With PDFs

Top 9 Short Books of Tajweed in English - Learn Tajweed PDF For Advanced and Beginners

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Tajweed in Islam is defined as the science that investigates the pronunciation of letters. It cares about their exteriors according to their descriptions. It is taken by Sheikh or a professor with a teaching license.

This science of intonation takes care of the recitation of the Holy Quran as pronounced by the Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah (the Prophet of Islam) (may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon HIM) to the fullest and without making a mistake.

The best books in this science explain the basics of Tajweed and help you to correct your way of reciting the Holy Quran.

In this article, We will learn The Basic Rules of Tajweed that are suitable for beginners  (Can be used by the teacher to learn his students or directly by students themselves).
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Tajweed Books in English for Beginners

Tajweed Rules help you to get rid of the melody and mistakes that change the meaning. Learning English tajweed books will be very helpful. These books were translated into Arabic and written in English.

1. Tajweed For Beginners, by Qari Ismail Ishaq

Author: Qari Ismail Ishaq

Page Count: 72 pages

Size: A5 size

This book helps the learners to understand the basic Tajweed rules with examples for practice. It includes simple diagrams that are explained in the Arabic language with English translation.

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2. Your Tajweed Made Easy by LoveForQuran

Publisher: LoveForQuran

Page Count: 31 pages

A step-by-step guide enables English-speaking Muslims to full understanding of the Tajweed rules in the simplest way. The attached recordings introduced by @LoveForQuran make it so easy.

Download Link: Your Tajweed Made Easy

Listen to the Lessons: YOUR TAJWEED MADE EASY: LoveForQuran 

3. A Complete Tajweed Book for All Ages with Color-coded, by Muhammad Mohsin

Tajweed FalshCards of The Qur’an With Qur’anic Examples

Author:  Mohammad Mohsin

Type: Flash Cards.

This book is a collection of flashcards. The design of cards makes the learning process of Tajweed rules so easy, in accordance with the recitation of Hafs. Each card is designed to give a clear definition of the pointed rule with an example for a full understanding of the rule.

This book is compiled using the layout, content, and examples from another two invaluable books:

  • Hidaya-tu-Rahmah Fi Tajweed-il-Quran (Shaykh Abdul Wahhab Dibs Wa Zayt).
  • Ilm Tajweedil- Quran (Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Al Burhani). 

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4. Tajweed Quran with English Translation and Transliteration Small- Pocket size

Translated By: Abdullah Yusuf Ali

Page Count: 604 pages

Size: 8x12cm

A coded Tajweed Quran -in Hafs narration- includes translation and transliteration into English. The Quranic verses are translated into English with their meaning. In addition, The English Letters are gathered with the Arabic ones with symbols that deliver the phonetics of the Arabic letters.

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Download Link: Tajweed Quran

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5. Let’s Learn Tajweed (Course Book)

Complies By: Dr. Musharraf Hussain

Publisher: Karima Institute

This book goes gradually from the simplest rules of Tajweed for reciting the Quran to the way it was revealed to Arabic readers. It is suitable for Quran schools. The layout of the book and manner of articulation make the sound of articulated letters very unique. 

Download Link: Let’s Learn Tajweed (Coursebook) | Karimia Institute

Learn about the Rules of Madd in Tajweed, which focus on elongating specific letters in Quranic recitation. Explore Madd letters, charts, and different types of elongations to achieve melodious and accurate Quranic recitation.

Tajweed Books in English for Advanced Learners

This book series can be used as a guide for studying with a qualified teacher. They are used as a learning book in many Qur’an Schools. Some are suitable for adults and others for children who Know English and simple Arabic terms.

1. Fundamental principles of ‘Aasim’s Recitation, by Fatma Elibyri

It is also called The Clarification of Riwayati Shu’ba and Hafs an Aasim.

Translated By: Fatma Yacout Elibyari

Page Count: 64 pages

This book is helpful to everyone who wants the ten narrations in a very detailed and clear way and in English, well. It describes the consistent rules or “Usul” behind this narration. 

This book is provided examples to summarize the rules and make them easy for students to understand.

Download Link: The Clarification of Riwayati Shu’ba and Hafs an Aasim

2. Tajweed Rules of The Quran, by Czerepinski

Translated By: Kareema Carol Czerepinski

Introduction By His Eminence: Ash-Sheikh Dr. Ayman Rushdi Swayd

Page Count: 92 pages

This book is a learning guide that can be used for students’ studies under the supervision of a qualified teacher. It contains a detailed segmentation of The following points:

  • Articulation of the Arabic letters with pictures.
  • Noon Saaakinah.
  • Meem Saakinah.
  • Laam Saakinah.
  • Lengthenings (Mudood).
  • How letters are formed.

Download Link: Tajweed Rules of the Qur’an 

Buy This Book: Tajweed Rules of the Qur’an Part One eBook: Czerepinski, Kareema: Amazon.ca: Kindle Store

Delve deeper into the proper pronunciation of specific Arabic letters, such as Raa, Laam, and Alif, with the rules of Tafkheem and Tarqeeq. Explore the concept of Ghunna, the nasal sound, and understand how it affects the sound of these letters in recitation.

3. Essentials of Tajweed

Compiled By: Muhammad Husein al-Qadiri & Muhammad Kalim al-Qadiri.

Page Count: 77 pages.

The special thing about this book is its introduction which makes it so helpful for beginners. The summary and Terms partitions in the book front help the teacher to consolidate the learning process in the future. It can be used directly by teachers and students, well.


Get HardCover: Essential Tajweed Rules: Learn to Recite the Quran Beautifully (Jannat Al Quran Adult Series)

We hope these books, Tajweed Rules for Beginners and Advanced Learners, help all Muslims to learn Tajweed rules to recite The Quran in the right way as same as the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was reciting.

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