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Shaykh Ahmad Saied

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About Me


I am fond of Islamic Studies and spreading the true message of Islam to the whole humanity, especially Muslims. I speak both Arabic and English fluently. I Studied in Al-Azhar university, the Faculty of the Languages and Translation, the Department of Islamic Studies in English.
I like teaching Islam and the Qur’an in a systematic and methodological manner.

          Teaching Experience:
> Have been teaching the Quran to the Arabs for more than 4 years.
> More than 2 years experience in online tutoring.
> Gave many courses to university students in Islamic Studies, Tajweed, English Phonetics, Grammar and Linguistics.
> Experienced in video editing and graphic designing.

> Studied In Al-Azhar.
> Graduated from the Faculty of Languages and Translation, the Department of Islamic Studies in English, Al-Azhar university in Cairo.
> I have been fond of seeking knowledge since I was a Child.
> Memorization of the Whole Quran with proper recitation.
> Knowledge of the theoretical Tajweed rules and their application.

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