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About Me

I am Sheikh Mohammad Salah. I am from Egypt. I have a bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies in English. I have Ijazah (accredited certificate) in the Ten Recitations of Quran. I studied in the American University and in Al-Azhar University. I have a lot of experience in teaching Quran, rules of recitation, Arabic language and Islamic subjects.

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Enlighten your heart with the word of Allah! Like every new route you take in your life, you always need a guide that helps you to reach your targeted destination. Quran House is the finest online Quran teaching website to accompany you in your Quran and Arabic learning journey. Learn Tajweed

We teach you better Arabic to be able to recite the Quran with Tajweed and memorize it perfectly. By the end, you’ll have the potential to teach the Quran to other brothers and sisters and get Ijazah!

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