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Inviting verses of Quran to fill your heart won’t be easy without mastering a good portion of Arabic. This program includes tailored courses that meet your level of proficiency in this rich language. Throughout every course, Quran House supports you with the practices and Arabic knowledge that help you in reciting Quran.

By the end of this program, the student will be able to:

  • Recite Quran fluently
  • Master Tajweed
  • Learn Quranic Arabic
  • Speak, write, and read +18,000 words
  • Understand Arabic grammar
  • Gain a certificate to teach Quran (Ijazah)

Best Online Quran Courses

Learn Tajweed Online For Kids - Online Tajweed Course To Prove Yourself as a Skillful Qaari’ It’s Time to Master Tajweed and Prove Yourself as a Skillful Qaari’ Quran teachers and tutors

Online Quran Classes For Kids

Online Quran classes for kids Constructed to Be the Best Guide for kids. Online Quran Classes For Kids – Begin Learning Quran With the Help of Professional Al-Azhar Tutors. Classes are mainly divided into two parts: Learning Quranic Arabic in a way, and the recitation and its basics based on the foundation the tutor builds with the student in studying Arabic.

Online Quran Ijazah Course Ijzah Course - Now You Will Deliver a Flame of Light You’ve Received to Your Ummah

Online Quran Ijazah Course

After Ijazah Course, Students Will Correctly Recite the Full Quran From Mushaf and by heart. A new phase of your Quranic journey is about to begin. You’ve worked incredibly hard to master Tajweed, learn how to recite the Quran, and advance through the three levels of recitation.

Quran House Helps Quran Students Benefit 100% From Every Minute of Quran Learning.

We respect our students' time. A child’s right is to play, learn, and do sports activities. An adult also has work and social life that must be protected. From day 1, the students will schedule online classes according to their personal plans for their days. As well, a student has the ability to reschedule whenever a special event develops.

Put Your Study Plan For Quran Learning You Wish

Our students not only set their session times but also determine the syllabus they would like to learn first. All roads lead to the course objectives, based on the students’ priorities, they put their study plans themselves.


We Make Online Quran Lessons For More Effective and Enjoyable

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Whatever Your Age, It’s a Course Tailored for You

Whether you are an adult or a parent who wants to reinforce his kids’ faith, you’ll find the course fits.

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Cost-Effective Courses Meet Any Regular Budget

Besides time, Quran House makes every cent count in what adds value to the student's learning curve.

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The Ability to Review the Quality of Every Course

We care about your feedback. You can make suggestions at any time to develop the learning process.

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Simplifying Quran to Be Your Life Companion

Through a step-by-step process, our tutors will take you through a fulfilling spiritual course.

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Every Session Is Warm and Friendly as It Should Be

Tutors don’t only teach the student Quran and Arabic, they connect every Ayah with your day.

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Assessing Makes Perfect, not only Practice

At the end of each level, there is a test, where the students recite the Juz’ learned during the level.

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Students Receive Tailored Online Quran Courses

In our first meeting with the students, there are qualities we always care about in them.

The Age of the Students

Quran House constructs a whole Quran and Arabic course based on the objectives of the students or their parents. We offer courses for kids and for adults to create a smooth learning process that suits all family members.

Proficiency in Arabic

Students will be Proficiency in Arabic Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Listening. Our Quran and Arabic program is not fully applicable to all students; some students have stronger Arabic backgrounds than others, which allows them to start from an advanced level, not from the beginning, which results in saving time and money.

The Ability to Memorize and the Degree of Comprehension

Learning and the ability to study vary from one student to another. We develop sessions to be more focused or contain fewer details according to the degree of comprehension the student has.

Download & Read Quran House Company Profile

Below You will find the attached profile of Quran House and its credentials. Download the PDF and enjoy reading.

Quran House Company Profile

Constructive Activities Included in Quran Courses Support the Learning Process

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Emulating and Listening to the Tutor

The student should listen carefully to the way that the tutors pronounce the characters to perfectly imitate them. It’s a core activity that the whole program depends on.

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Engaging With the Tutor

Our professional tutors always ask the students if they have any questions. They provide a checkpoint where they can receive any inquiries or requests. This requires full engagement from the students.

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Doing Session Writing and Verbal Exercises

Learning can’t be properly done without engaging the sight and hearing senses completely. The two senses are entirely invested in writing Arabic letters and reciting exercises from mushaf.

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Doing Self-Study Exercises Assigned by the Tutor

Before ending the online session, the tutor offers an assignment to the students, which can be related to Tajweed, Quran Recitation, Arabic writing, or others. The tutor receives the completed assignment at the beginning of the following session to check if the course achieves its goals.

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