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The Arabic language is a shining diamond, lighting up the darkness of our world; allowing us to read the Quran in its original language, experiencing its purity, and savoring its sacredness in our hearts.

The Importance of Learning Quranic Arabic

The Quranic Arabic language is necessary to learn in order to be able to read the Quran, and have a deeper understanding of it. It’s also worth mentioning that in Islam reading a translated version of the Quran is never considered reading of the Quran, but rather reading a mere explanation of the Quran, which is why taking Fusha Arabic classes is extremely important.

Fusha Arabic

Learning Fusha Arabic, or Quranic Arabic will also help you communicate with many native Arabic speakers, regardless of their country, overcoming the obstacle of the different Arabic dialects; as all Arabs can communicate in Fusha Arabic.

Fusha Arabic is the official language of all Arab countries, which means any official or formal business in any Arab country will be conducted only in Fusha Arabic.

A Course That Includes Everything about Quranic Arabic

Your goals are our priorities! In our Arabic online courses, we have worked hard to give you the best qualities, and the most flexible options.

Live classes with engaging and friendly environment

With our live Arabic Quran lessons, and engaging teaching methods, you are encouraged to benefit the most from the class. A friendly environment, in which you are always encouraged, and your small victories celebrated, to help you reach your full potential and become the most creative version of yourself.

Recording of the classes

Although we primarily offer you Quranic Arabic lessons online, we also allow you to go back to the class, and revise it as many times as you want through providing you with recordings of your classes. All you need to do is inform your tutor that you would like to have the session recorded.

One to one live classes

With our one to one live classes, the tutor’s full attention will be on you, and they will be fully dedicated to teaching you, and assess your progress all the time. Moreover, the class will be tailored to meet your needs, and fulfill your goals.


We understand that your schedule is busy, which is why there is a great flexibility in setting the classes schedule, and deciding on your most suitable educational plan. You can choose the day, the timing, and the number of classes of the Quran Arabic language course, so they fit you perfectly.

Arabic Diacritics

Letters gain different pronunciations for the signs put above or under them. Here, the student defines: Kasrah, Dammah, Fatha, Shaddah, Sukun

Free Quranic Arabic course session

Before officially starting your journey, we offer you a trial class; a free Quranic Arabic class, to help you get familiar with our system, and make any adjustments to the course of the classes.

Quranic language course aims at teaching you the Fusha Arabic

This Quranic language course aims at teaching you the Fusha Arabic, to enable you to understand the spoken and written Fusha Arabic, speak Arabic fluently, and is an inevitable step towards reading the Quran. Our Quranic Arabic language course achieves these goals through classes of engaging and interactive curriculum that helps you build an Arabic fortress around your tongue, and around your mind.


Online Quranic Arabic Classes Deliver You the Knowledge That You Need

The online Quranic Arabic course is designed to take you from level A to level Z of the Fusha Arabic language, passing by all the levels.

Fusha Arabic Grammar

Tutors will explain Fusha Arabic grammar in a simple and easy way, and will support the grammar lessons with many grammatical exercises that are engaging, and far from being fixed or rigid.

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Fusha Arabic syntax

As you have some advanced grammar lessons, the tutor would encourage you to study syntax, in order to learn to construct sentences, which put the grammatical lessons you studied to use.

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Extensive listening exercises

The course has a major goal in sight; to allow you to have a deep connection with the Quran, and overcoming the barrier of language. So, your tutors will attempt to sharpen your listening skill

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Pronunciation mastery and conversation practice

Have you always been wondering how To Pronounce Arabic Letters With Tajweed? Pronunciation is an important aspect of the Arabic language; as there are many similar sounds that you need to practice and master

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Reading sessions

In our Quranic Arabic course, your tutors will set reading sessions, in which you read the Quran loudly, for them to detect any mistakes, or inaccuracies.

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Extensive writing exercises

Expressing your thoughts in a written form is a very important aspect of learning any language, and our professional tutors will make sure to assign you some writing exercises to help you acquire this skill.

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Reach Beyond Your Expectation With online Quranic Arabic course and Enroll Now!

The online Quranic Arabic course is designed to help you wield the strength to read the Quran smoothly in Arabic.

The tutors of our online Quranic Arabic language course will walk you step by step into the ocean of Arabic language, until you are able to sail it confidently on your own.

This Quranic Arabic learning course will enable you to:
– Understand Fusha Arabic without any problems or struggles.
– Achieve a deeper understanding of the Quran.
– Read Fusha Arabic like natives.
– Significantly improve your reading of the Quran.
– Recite the Quran while adhering to the rules of Tajweed.
– Communicate with fellow Muslims from all over the world.

Qualified Azhar Tutors, Carrying Ijazah Will Instruct You "Don’t settle for anything less than the Best!"

A team of male and female professional instructors guides you along the course, providing adequate support and assessment. They are experts who spent many years serving the message of Allah, succeeding in exporting firm Islamic identities to their communities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Quranic Arabic course is an academic course that aims at teaching you Fusha Arabic, the language of the Quran, in order to help you read the Quran in its original language.

The reason why you should take an online Quranic Arabic course is the imminent importance of reading the Quran in its original language. 

In fact, in Islam, it’s a must to read the Quran in Arabic; as reading it in any other language is equivalent to reading about the Quran instead of reading the Quran itself.

There are several benefits of taking Quran Arabic lessons online, which include:
1- Being able to read the Quran in Arabic.
2- Understanding the truest and purest meaning of the Quran, which is uninfluenced by the process of translation.
3- Learning the Arabic language will facilitate the communication between you and Muslim Arab people.

There are two different types of online Quranic Arabic courses: Quranic Arabic for kids, which helps them learn the language in an engaging, simple, and easy manner. Quranic Arabic for adults, which employs the most advanced teaching methods to allow you to reach your full potential.

If you have never taken any Arabic Quran lessons before, it’s advisable to start at level one in order to follow the natural course of knowledge acquisition.

On the other hand, if you have even a basic knowledge of Quranic Arabic, Quran House offers you a free assessment through which you can find your most suitable course, or you can discuss this issue during the trial class; the tutor will definitely help you choose wisely.

Quran House has launched online Quranic Arabic courses as part of the Arabic online courses it offers its students.

It depends on the items you select in your plan and the estimated length of your learning journey.

The cost of online Quranic Arabic differs according to your educational plan with a wide range of options that start from 19$ per class to 38$ per class. We also offer a free Quranic Arabic course session, which helps your tutor determine your level, and helps you familiarize with Quran House’s system.

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