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“Nor does he speak from [his own] inclination” (Quran 53:3)

The majority of Prophet Muhammad’s Sunnah derives from Ahadith, which are statements he made in response to specific circumstances that occurred in his daily practice. Students will learn more about pure Sunna in this course, which is why this course is important.  Ahadith is also regarded as the second most important source of Islamic law or Shari’a.

In this course, the student will:

  • Learn Hadith meanings
  • Know the origin of each Hadith
  • Memorize +100 Hadith  
  • Differentiate between types of Hadith

Learn Hadith Online With the Best Online Hadith Course

Teachings and Sayings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Become More Clear For Muslims of all ages, Quran House has created a special online Hadith course. Delivering the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) requires specialists and professionals from Al-Azhar University who have knowledge of the Hadith and Sunnah's historical context.

Our Azhar tutors will lead the students through a step-by-step process to learn the key Hadith components, types, the definition of Matn, the definition of Sanad, and its types in an engaging manner that keeps the class focused and engaged.

Before the course begins, instructors will meet briefly with the students to assess their familiarity with the Prophet, Islam, and Arabic and to make sure they understand the fundamentals.

How Does the Hadith Course Map a Perfect and Successful Life for Our Students?

From birth to death, business dealings, marital relations, manners on the road, and even what to eat and drink were all topics covered in the Hadith. The student's life will change significantly once they develop the habits and ways of life that make a strong Muslim with a distinctive mindset.

Learn The Origin of Hadith

The primary Hadith sources are discussed in this section, along with how they came to be accessible to the students. What two Sheiks (Al-Bukhary and Muslim) mentioned in their Sahih is essentially what tutors teach their students. Tirmidhi, Abi Dawud, Ibn Majah, Al-Arba'oun Al-Nawawyia, Muwatta Imam Malik, and Sunan An-nisa'i receive honorable mentions from tutors as well.

Learn the Types of Hadith

Students learn about two different kinds of Hadith throughout the course, including Hadith Sharif, which are statements made by the Prophet in response to his utterances and circumstances in which he was personally involved. The second kind is Hadith Qudosy, which was revealed to the Prophet by Allah and is expressed in his words.

Learn Components of Hadith

Students will learn Matn and Sanad throughout the course. After discussing each Hadith, the tutor has to illustrate Matn, which is the objective of Hadith and what it eventually states. Tutors also explain the Sanad, or line of narrators, of the Hadith. Students should also understand different Sanad types and the factors that impact them and Hadith itself.

Sunnah, Shari'a, and Seerah

To make it easier for students to understand and make connections between the Hadith, tutors will divide it into sections. A section provides examples of the Sunnah, or customs and practices that the Prophet followed. Another illustrates a part of Shari’a and Hadith that puts laws for daily life. The last illustrates events that the Prophet experienced and his sayings on each event.

Learn The Introduction to Fiqh

In order to discuss rituals, morals, and social laws, tutors present the fundamental concepts from the Quran and Hadith. The four major schools of Islam—Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi'i, and Hanbali—as well as Ijtihad—are the main sources of Fiqh, which tutors introduce as a logical outcome of the assimilation of the Quran and Hadith.

Quran House Helps You to Learn, Understand, and Memorize Hadith Through the Multi-Level Online Hadith Course Around Day Hours


Hadith Course Will Make the Difference That Any Muslim Wants to Achieve With His Mind, Spirit, and Heart

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Reforms a Student’s Mindset by Applying Useful Habits

The deeds and manners of our Prophet help create successful Muslims in addition to good Muslims. Our instructors will guide students in applying the Sunnah lessons they learn throughout the course.

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Forbids the Student’s Spirit From Bad Inclinations

There are noble and evil passions in every soul. By learning about Ahkam and the repercussions of every bad deed, the students in this course are able to refrain from giving in to their desires. Hadith and Tafseer courses have this common feature.

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Fills Student’s Heart With Love to the Prophet

As the Prophet said, "Blessed are those who have believed in me and have not seen me." This course has unplanned effects, such as making students feel more affectionate toward the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)..

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Become an Excellent Hadith Learner and Enroll in the Course

After finishing this course, you’ll:

  • Retrieve the suitable Hadith at every event
  • Know Halal and Haram that Shari’a states in every action

Have recognized most of the Prophet’s Seerah

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The main language we have is English. Although, we have several languages available. So if you want to study in your mother tongue, tell the coordinator and he will help you out.

Yes, we offer certificates of your attendance and levels achieved.

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