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Online Quran Ijazah Course – Certified Reciter Of The Quran!

A new phase of your Quranic journey is about to begin. You’ve worked incredibly hard to master Tajweed, learn how to recite the Quran, and advance through the three levels of recitation. 

You will prepare to reap what you have sown throughout your learning journey in this course. You can become qualified to teach others the Quran and, if you’d like, enlighten their path to Al-Seraat Al-Mustaqim by receiving the syllabus from Quran House.

The student will graduate from this course with a License (Ijazah) in either Quran memorization or recitation with Tajweed, or both, and be qualified to instruct Muslims.

Ijazah Course To Correctly Recite the Full Quran From Mushaf and by heart

Our tutors will assess your level of recitation before you enroll in the course to determine whether you are eligible for it or whether you need a specially designed course to improve your Tajweed, recitation, or memorization. You can choose your tutor and arrange your one-on-one learning sessions so that you can ultimately receive the certificate if Quran House accepts you for this course.

What Does Ijazah Course Entail?

In one or more of the 10 Recitations (Qira'at), which make up this course, students will have the chance to receive Ijazah. By the end of the course, the students will recite the entire Quran to a tutor while taking Qira'ah and Tajweed into consideration. As well as, they will recite the whole Quran by heart.

One or More Recitations

Depending on their individual preferences, geographic location, or other factors, students can choose the recitation they would like to learn. We teach the ten recitations of the Quran and give ijazah in any of them according to the student's desire.

Advanced Tajweed Rules

Ijazah-wielding students have no hesitation adhering to Tajweed regulations. Therefore, through revision, we ensure that their knowledge and experience are stable. Our tutors also point out to them the variations in Tajweed and pronunciation between each recitation.

Renewal of Intention

Although they are at an advanced level in their study of the Quran, students will always be most motivated by renewing their commitment to work hard and learn for Allah's sake. This noble goal is something that our teachers constantly strive to uphold.

Patience and Passion For Learning

Our instructors model patience for their students. Although some students may give up at the last hurdle, Quran House will always be an alluring setting for positive energy and motivation. For as long as you need it, we will coach you and give you the necessary energy.

Receive Your High-Quality Sanad

We make sure that at the conclusion of our students' educational journeys, we produce highly competent teachers who can impart their knowledge to both children and adults. As a result, we design thorough tests that cover each topic covered in the course. Thus, future educators will be able to understand the material.

We Give Ijazah To All the Qiraat

Here are the ten recitations: Nafiʽ al-Madani, Ibn Kathir Al-Makki, Abu Amr of Basra, Ibn Amir Ad-Dimashqi, Aasim Ibn Abi al-Najud, Hamzah Az-Zaiyyat Al-Kisa'i, Abu Jaafar Al-Madani, Yaqoub al-Hadrami, Khalaf ibn Hisham. Two narrations (Rewaya) from each recitation are shared with the rest of the Muslim community.

By completing this Ijazah Course, Quran House Enables You to Learn the Quran at an Excellent Level


What Is Unique About This Ijazah Course?

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Tailored Study Plans for Ijazah That Simplify Sophisticated Items

Students can schedule their live one-on-one sessions whenever it is convenient for them. This facilitates easy knowledge absorption, digestion, and learning process growth for students.

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Completing This Course Is an Opportunity to Join Our Team

Earning Ijazah is the ideal first step before joining a Quran house if you possess the professional abilities of explanation and develop a seamless method of imparting knowledge.

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Acquiring the Most Accredited Quran Certificate

By enrolling in this course, you are shielded from slips of the tongue and mispronunciations. Ijazah will protect your recitation from any unintentional interference.

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Ijazah Course For an Authorized Quran Carrier

After finishing this program, you’ll have:

  • Recited the whole Quran by heart correctly.
  • been qualified to teach Quran to others.
  • Recited the whole Quran from Mushaf confidently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The course is suitable for any age, but students need to complete first the pre-courses “begginerm advanced, master tajweed courses.” in Arabic and Quran. So, it is a level-based course for advanced students.

It depends on your desire. It is up to you. You can ask us to record of prevent recording.

We first ensure that you will get the best teacher. But, in case you need to replace him/her for any reason, it is totally fine to ask for tutor replacement, you can also ask us for certain requirement you desire for your tutor.

The main language we have is English. Although, we have several languages available. So if you want to study in your mother tongue, tell the coordinator and he will help you out.

Yes, we offer certificates of your attendance and levels achieved.

Give us a call, reach us on WhatsApp, or fill out the form.

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