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Every Muslim knows the five pillars of Islam, but not everyone knows the wisdom of each practice and obligation ordained by Allah. Not all Muslims are familiar with the six pillars of Iman. Quran House has planned an empowered program that qualifies strong Muslims with solid beliefs.

By the end of this program, the student will be able to:

  • Understand the explanation of Ayat
  • Comprehend and Memorize the Prophet’s Ahadith
  • Practice all Islam’s obligations correctly
  • Reform the soul and purify it regularly
  • Know the differences and commons between Islam and other Biblical religions

Learning Islamic Studies Courses Satisfies Your Need to Get Closer to Allah

Online Quran Ijazah Course Ijzah Course - Now You Will Deliver a Flame of Light You’ve Received to Your Ummah

Islamic Crash Course

a comprehensive course that gives you the information and direction required to become a good Muslim The Islamic Crash Course is ideal for new Muslims and young children who need to advance their Islamic understanding and practices. It discusses monotheism, prayers, fasting, Zakat, and Hajj.

Understand the Pillars of Faith and Strengthen Your Islamic Belief And Aqeedah

Aqeedah Course

Joining Aqeedah course is an incredible way to get to know the core of Islam. Our practices are founded on a solid belief system that we hold dear. The Aqeedah course explains in detail the main tenets of Islam and illustrates what Muslims need to comprehend about their religion.

Online Tafseer Course - Learn Tafseer With the Best Tutors

Tafseer Course

Your gateway to experiencing the beauty of Allah's words through understanding their interpretation is the Tafseer Course. Quran is a primary source of Islamic law (Shari'a), Islam's tenets, and manners. Understanding Ayat helps one understand a significant portion of Islam.

Know More About Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) And Let His Hadith Be a Life Guide

Hadith Course

Understanding the Ahadith will aid in understanding the Qur'an, support your daily actions, and help you identify other Islamic laws (Shari'a). For every Muslim who wishes to emulate the Prophet's deeds and wisdom, a Hadith course is the best curriculum.

Tazkiyah Course | Purify Your Soul From All Its Impurities and Fill It With the Beauty of Taqwa Quran House Quran Arabic and islamic studies and tajweed (8)

Tazkiyah Course

The life we lead is referred to as Dunya because, in contrast to Akhirah, it is a temporary place to reside. However, it causes sins and impurities to precipitate, making the soul heavier to bear. Purifying your soul and returning to Allah, your source, is the main goal of the Tazkiyah course.

Best Comparative Religions Course

Comparative Religions Course

Allah urged the Mulsims to study other faiths. Their faith is strengthened through the study of comparative religions. Understanding the similarities and differences between Islam and other faiths helps to foster the kind of tolerance that the rest of the world seeks.

Online Islamic Studies Courses

The program contains various courses. Each course focuses on one section that helps Mulslims to reform a part of their:

Heart (Qalb), Soul (Nafs) and Mind (Aql)

You can maintain the link with the proper Islamic practices by keeping your heart open to Tafseer and Hadith. You can keep Dunya from taking over by regularly purifying yourself by adhering to the Prophet's teachings. You will be supported through to the end by developing a solid Islamic mindset through Aqeedah and comparative religions.

Islamic Studies Courses Ignite Your Passion Towards Islam

Even though the program contains all the information you require about Islam, it will inspire you to look further. We supply you with references and books by eminent Islamic scholars throughout the courses to direct you toward reliable information and satisfy your thirst for it.


Quran House Delivers a Professional Islamic Studies Program That Reveals the Core of Islam

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Know Your Rights and Duties as a Muslim

The Islamic Studies Course is an excellent chance to fully understand the rights Islam grants you, whether you are a male or female. On the other hand, it directs you toward the obligations and restrictions Allah has set.

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Regularly Correct Your Path to Be Compliant With Serat Al-Mustaqim

Since Allah has always permitted all Muslims to repent (Bab Tawbah), you should be aware of how to return to the proper path that satisfies Allah's will and the teachings of Islam through Tazkiyah. Sin itself is not the problem; the problem is enjoying it.

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Absorb the Pure Spirit of Quran Through Tafseer

We assist you in becoming the Muslim you want to be by making the Quran's conditions (Ahkam) and manners easier to understand. Everywhere you go, you become an ambassador for Islam, and it is your duty to present the religion in the proper light.

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Nothing Can Be Better Than Knowing the Sound Aqeedah

Allah guards the true teachings of Islam until the end of time. Our responsibility is to spread Islam in order to maintain a firm faith. Next, it's your turn to impart knowledge. We give you the fundamentals of Islam, and you pass them on to your successor.

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Know the Wisdom Behind Our Prophet’s Sunnah and Follow Them

“Your smiling in the face of your brother is charity” As part of his Sunnah, the Prophet Muhammad taught Muslims this. You will learn the tolerant teachings of the Prophet from your instructors throughout the course, and you should use them as a daily moral compass.

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Adopt a Spacious Perspective That Can Include All the World

The course aids in the development of a tolerant outlook on the world and other people. Your tutors expose you to a wealth of knowledge from Islamic scholars. Your knowledge has grown as time goes on, and humility has followed suit. That’s Islam. It changes your life.

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This Program Prepares You to Fully Understand Shari’a

Fiqh or Human understanding of Allah’s terms (Shari’a) needs a distinctive preparation that focuses on developing the 3 parts of Muslim; heart, spirit, and mind.

Purifying the Heart

You will learn how to make your heart pure and free from hatred, envy, or rage through a step-by-step procedure. Your heart is the gate to your soul, if it is well prepared and filled with kindness and love, then you are ready to develop your spirit.

Developing the Spirit

The Quran House views the spirit as the body's container rather than the other way around. A positive attitude will improve your life. The repetition of sins and deeds that Allah disapproves of taints the spirit. We teach you the practices that eliminate sins and develop your spirituality to a higher level.

Setting up the Mind

After preparing your heart and spirit, your mind is ready to incubate knowledge. Our tutors give you the tools and methods that help you easily understand difficult concepts. Gaining knowledge will produce obvious results that will help you advance and comprehend Islam better.

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Positioning Islam in Every Situation in Life

Throughout the entire program, tutors will relate the knowledge they impart to real-world situations. This maximizes the use of knowledge because it transforms it into practical practices rather than abstract principles. You will learn from tutors how to seek Islam in every circumstance you encounter.

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Knowing New Spiritual Practices

You can develop your Islamic practices with the aid of tutors. Gain a deeper understanding of Sunnah, learn how to practice Dhikr, and learn the most effective ways to speak to Allah through Doa'a. You’ll know all practices keep Taqwa and remembrance of Allah all the time.

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Developing Your Way of Thinking

Islam's guiding principles will change your perspective from what it was before you entered this program. Islam encourages optimism and a balanced approach to problems. Through tolerance, you will be able to see the world from all angles and appreciate every facet of it.

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Providing Credible References

You should know the references that support every action you adopt and every idea you believe. References are proof of how correct your argument is. We provide Quran and Hadith as the primary references, and the heritage books (Turath) as supplemental references.

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