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Ready to carry the words of Allah in your heart? The manners of each verse (Ayah) must be embodied by students who learn to memorize Quran. Also, pronouncing a letter incorrectly can alter the entire meaning of an Ayah. Quran House employs tutors and trained Hafaza who convey the messages of Allah in an approachable and enlightening manner that touches the hearts of our students.

After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Recite the whole Quran by heart fluently
  • Put a self-program for revision
  • Know the major rules of Tajweed
  • Recite Quran through Hadar or Tadweer level

Memorize Quran Online Through Live 1–To-1 Live Classes

Several Methods for Rapid Memory Retrieval

To aid our students in perfect Quran memorization, our tutors employ a variety of strategies. Explaining the material that the student should memorize is the most crucial technique. This facilitates quicker memorization for students. Since it would be challenging for students if they didn't comprehend the significance of each verse.

Boost Your Memory Capabilities

Students can increase the scope of their memory capacity by connecting the memorized Ayat or writing them down. Students will receive instruction from tutors on how to build their memory palaces so they can access the desired Ayah in the desired Juz' at any time and from any location..

Know Quantum and Scan Reading Techniques

Students who read well and quickly will be better able to memorize. You can easily find the beginning of every Ayat on a single page using quantum reading, and it only takes five minutes. While scanning is a sophisticated reading technique that makes it quick and easy to locate the verse you're looking for.

Acquire Deep Memorization Skills

Our instructors present various forms of forgetfulness as well as potential memory errors that students might make. In order to gradually overfit information and memorize it, students' neural networks are units that require constant practice. As a result, the students can accomplish their memorization objectives.

Best Way To Memorize the Quran And Never Forget It

Each class session is divided into three parts by our excellent tutors:

1. The first section covers the new verses that need to be memorized every day.

2. The verses that were recently learned during the previous 21 days are covered in the second section.

3.The final segment reviews verses that the students have been memorizing for over 21 days.

Memorize the Whole Quran Online

Students can post their own study schedule in Quran House, whether they want to memorize a Juz’ or whole Quran.

We want to teach our students the tried-and-true procedures they should follow if they want to memorize the Quran on their own.

The two-wheeled process of memorizing the Quran involves both reviewing Ayat that have already been committed to memory and adding new Ayat to the student's soul and memory.


A Quran Memorization Online Course That Suits All Ages

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The Course Do Not Ignore What the Student Has Already Learned

Before we begin our course, we decide which chapters (Surwar) of Quran you already know by heart should be included in the revision schedule.

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We Start From the Point You’ve Reached

Regardless of your level of memorization ability, our tutors will begin the journey from the starting point or any intermediate location and take you to your final destination.

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Careful Listening to Our Students

Learning by heart is the focus of the course. However, we mentor the students to perfection if we find any problems with tajweed, pronunciation, or Makhareg.

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Enhanced Repetition Is Our Method to Teach

Tutors break an ayah down into manageable chunks and instruct the students to repeat after them as they read from Mushaf. The students memorize the Ayah after hearing it repeatedly.

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Understand, Listen, and Recite

Before teaching any ayah to a student, we explain it to them so that they fully comprehend what they are learning to remember and recite.

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The Study Plan Is Known From Day 1

The study plan outlines the material for each class as well as the anticipated time to complete it, taking into account the student's personal goal and free time schedule.

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Memorize Quran Online - Quran House Cares About Our Students

The first meeting with the students is an open discussion in which, as with every program we launch, we learn more about them, their motivation for enrolling in this particular course, and their future plans. Following the meeting, Quran House learns some components to include in a course that caters to the students. 

The Age of the Students

To create a community that carries Allah's words in their hearts, we teach adults and children how to memorize the Quran online. For each student's age, Quran House offers a specially designed course. The goals of the students or their parents are also taken into account.

How Well the Student Can Perform Tajweed

To determine how proficient they are at Tajweed, we inquire of the students about their theoretical knowledge of the language. We are also concerned about the practical knowledge, and the way they pronounce each rule, providing Ayat from Quran.

Proficiency in Understanding Arabic

We deal with Arab and non-Arab students. We design the memorization course based on the Arabic proficiency level. In other words, if students need additional Arabic instruction, it will be incorporated into the program and they will first receive the necessary instruction before continuing with the course.

The Ability to Memorize

Since each student has a different level of memorization ability, we created an introductory session to take the students on a tour of various memorization techniques. The students will continue using the more efficient method because it helps them memorize the Quran more quickly and is difficult to forget.

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What Activities Do Students Participate in During the Quran Memorization Course?

Imitating and Hearing the Tutor

Prior to reading from Mushaf, the student should carefully pay attention to how the tutors pronounce each Ayah in order to accurately mimic them. The success of the entire program depends on this fundamental activity.

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Record Your Recitation

Putting your voice on an audio recording gives you the opportunity to know the parts you have issues with. Knowing the problem is part of the solution. This method highlights parts that you will ask tutors to help you with.

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Tell Your Tutor the Problems You Face

Inform your tutor of any difficulties you are having remembering previously learned Ayat so they can offer advice. You must discuss any additional issues with pronunciation, understanding the meanings, etc. with the tutor in order for them to provide comprehensive solutions.

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Use What You Memorize in Your Prayer

Practice, practice, and practice. You can avoid forgetting the Quran by reciting it wherever you are and whenever it is appropriate. On the bus, in the car, at the hospital, or any other appropriate location where you have free time, pray. Keep a Mushaf similar to the one you use for memorization with you at all times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Quran recitation and memorization course is suitable for kids and adults for all ages. But students need to complete first other levels of learn Quran and Arabic to get the utmost out of this course. So, it is a level-based course for advanced students.

It depends on your desire. It is up to you. You can ask us to record or prevent recording.

In case you need to replace him/her for any reason, it is totally fine to ask for tutor replacement, you can also ask us for certain requirement you desire for your tutor. But generally, we first ensure that you will get the best teacher that suits your requirements.

We serve classes in several languages with English as the main language. So if you want to study in your mother tongue, tell the coordinator and he will help you out.

Yes, receive your certificate for each level you attend and achieve.

Give us a call, reach us on WhatsApp, send us an email in the contact page, or fill out the form.

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