Quran House

Mahmoud Fathi

Mahmoud Fathy

CEO & Co-founder

Early Life and Educational Background

Born in 1994, Mahmoud Fathi has been engrossed in Quranic teachings since his formative years. His scholarly journey commenced at Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, where he pursued education from his first year of primary school through to university.

Specializations in Quranic Studies

Over the years, Mahmoud has been honored with numerous certificates for his proficiency in Quran memorization and Tajweed. Specifically, he has delved into the recitation of Imam Asim ibn Abi Al-Najud, following the narration of Imam Hafs. Currently, he is in the process of mastering additional narrations and recitations, including those of esteemed Imams like Ibn Kathir, Abu Ja’far, and Qalun.

Academic Achievements and Language Mastery

Mahmoud is an alumnus of the College of Engineering at Al-Azhar University. Beyond his engineering studies, he mastered the English language, enabling him to extend his pedagogical reach to non-Arabic speakers. His exemplary teaching skills were officially recognized in 2020 when he received a certificate from the Iqraa Network as one of the Best Teachers of the year.

Community Engagement and Public Speaking

Mahmoud’s influence transcends the classroom. For over a decade, he has been actively delivering lectures and Friday sermons, impacting a diverse audience across various age groups. He has also completed courses in Islamic thought, atheism resistance, and religious studies.

Interest in Child Upbringing and Family Guidance

Beyond his religious scholarship, Mahmoud is deeply involved in child development and family counseling. He has completed courses in this domain, notably achieving first place in the Launch course. His leadership acumen is further demonstrated through his managerial roles, overseeing work teams for more than eight years.

Continuous Learning and Professional Development

Mahmoud has broadened his skill set by venturing into the field of data analysis, earning certifications from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. His quest for knowledge also led him to study management science, participating in several courses and reading seminal works, including the PMP Book 6th Edition and selected works by John Maxwell.

Vision for the Future

Mahmoud’s life stands as a living testament to his profound belief in the divine grace of disseminating Islamic teachings. He aspires to continue his mission with sincere intentionality, contributing to the broader dissemination and understanding of Islam.

In sum, Mahmoud Fathi is a multifaceted individual, blending religious scholarship with leadership skills and a commitment to continuous learning and community betterment.