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Can the Quran Touch the Floor? Understanding the Rules and Etiquette

Can the Quran Touch the Floor

The Quran, the sacred book, is highly preserved by Allah (SWT). It is the 4th and Final Heavenly book revealed upon our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) over 23 years. Allah (SWT) says in His book: “Indeed, it is We, Who sent down the Quran, and indeed, We will preserve it.” (Surah Al-Jijr:9). The Quran is a […]

Can I Read Quran For My Dead Parents: A Spiritual Perspective

Can I Read Quran For My Dead Parents

When we lose close ones, many individuals seek specific practices that hold great spiritual significance as solace. One of these favored practices is reciting the Quran. Hence, many Muslims recite the Quran for their dead parents as a means of honoring and remembering. The Holy Quran holds a unique place of reverence and significance in […]

can a woman read quran without hijab:An In-Depth Exploration

can a woman read quran without hijab

Reading the Quran is a significant practice for Muslims as it is the word of Allah revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Hence, We should follow specific etiquette when listening to or reciting the Holy Quran.   While many Muslim women choose to wear Hijab as an expression of their faith and to […]

How to Learn Maqamat Quran: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Learn Maqamat Quran

One who is adept at reciting the Quran will be among the honorable, obedient scribes, and one who reads the Quran but struggles or falters will receive a double reward. The Prophet (PBUH) stated this in regard to Quran recitation. Now that you have begun reciting the Quran, you will notice that professional reciters (Qaris) […]

Is Eating Permissible While Reading the Quran?

can i eat while reading quran

Can I eat while reading the Quran? It is a common question that Muslims ask. Before answering that, we must mention that the Quran is a sacred text and holds great significance for Muslims. Accordingly, we should show respect and focus when reciting or reading the Quran. Generally, understanding the etiquette of reading the Quran […]

Surah Rahman Benefits – Best Guide

15 Benefits Of Surah Rahman - Best Guide

There are great benefits of Surah Rahman. Surah Rahman is a powerful and significant chapter of the Quran. It carries many benefits for those who recite it regularly with sincerity and dedication.