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The Benefits of Surah Al Hashr: A Spiritual Journey You Can’t-Miss

Benefits of Surah Al Hashr

The Qur’an, revered as the holy book of Islam, serves as a beacon of guidance for millions of individuals across the globe. It is not merely a religious manuscript but rather an extensive manual for leading a life that is both fulfilling and meaningful. Within its sacred pages, one chapter, or Surah, in particular, Surah […]

What Is Tafsir? And What are the Types of Tafseer?


The word Tafsir is derived from the root ‘Fassar’ which means to clarify or to explain. This contextually refers to clarification of the meaning of the Quran.  Tafsir of the Quran started early in Prophet Muhammad’s life when his companions asked him about the aim of the Quranic verses and their meanings. That’s independent of […]

What is Surah Al-Waqiah? Meaning, Maqsud, Tafsir, Asbab al-n-Nuzul, and More

Comprehensive lessons And Tafseer of Surah Al-Waqiah Verse By Verse

This article is a brief, informative illustration of Surah Al-Waqiah from aspects. It discusses Surah Al-Waqiah order in the Quran, whether it is Makki or Madani, and its time of revelation. It also discusses Surah Al-Waqiah Asbab al-nuzul, Surah Al-Waqiah Maksud, and Surah Al-Waqiah Tafseer in a comprehensive way. Surah Al-Waqiah has many beneficial lessons and benefits.