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can I read Quran in my head Is it Acceptable?

can I read Quran in my head Is it Acceptable

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Reciting the Quran is a miracle at birth in our souls and hearts, and whether this recitation is aloud or in silence, undeniable lights storms into our hearts, lighting up every spot and every corner of our being. 

Though, in order for the light to fully claim us, and for faith to inhabit our souls, hearts, and minds, we have to recite the Quran in the correct way; in the way Allah has instructed.

The act of reciting of the Quran:

The act of reciting of the Quran is extremely important; the word Quran itself is derived from the Arabic verb “read”, which means that the Quran is meant to be recited and read by Muslims, and only listening to it is like taking a sip of water after almost dying of thirst, it’s not enough in the slightest. 

Allah has not left us with unanswered questions about anything related to how to worship him, including how to read the Quran in the proper manner. Our prophet is narrated to have said: “He who recites the Quran loudly is like he who gives Sadaqah in public, and he who recites it quietly is like he who gives Sadaqah in secret”.

This Hadith proves the religious legitimacy of reading the Quran in silence as well as out loud; though, each method has its own set of rules, and its own circumstances that need to be respected.

Reciting the Quran out loud:

Loud recitation of the Quran is but one of the ways through which we can accept the wisdom of the Quran. This method of reading the Quran is very beneficial for us human beings:

1- Reciting the Quran out loud allows us to focus easily on the meaning of the verses, and offers a smooth dive into those verses; as our own voices and our state of concentration keeps us from getting distracted by anything else.

2- Hearing the verses of the Quran in one’s own voice will make it easier to remember those verses, and summon them from memory at any moment.

3- Reading the Quran has an emotional and spiritual effect on us; as it has the ability to calm us down, and relieve our stress, and reading it out loud only strengthens these impacts.

can I read Quran in my head Is it Acceptable

Reciting the Quran in the mind:

The idea of reciting the Quran in the mind is reading the Quran without moving the lips or tongue is one of the methods of interacting with the Quran silently indeed, but it can’t be considered recitation, but rather thinking and meditating spiritually and intellectually with the Quran.

Islamic scholars concluded that mental interaction with the Quran is permissible in general, but in situations where the act of recitation in itself is required: such as praying, it’s not permitted to only interact with it in one’s mind without moving the lips and tongue, and produce the sounds from their positions of articulation.

Islam does not forbid mental interaction with the Quran; as thinking about Allah’s Quran and meditating in one’s heart is an act of worship, and it is Inshallah handsomely rewarded by Allah.

Reciting the Quran audibly: 

Reciting the Quran audibly is the articulation of the sounds in a clam, and quiet voice. Reading the Quran audibly is preferred in case one can’t recite the Quran out loud, and can’t recite the Quran mentally as well. 

In such cases, reciting the Quran audibly combines the advantages of both methods, but evades the elements of these methods not eligible in this case, creating a method of reciting the Quran that can always work.

The proper way to recite the Quran:

The proper way to recite the Quran translation is to move the lips and tongues in the articulation of the correct sounds, whether loudly enough for others to hear, or in a quiet voice, in which only you can hear it.

Religious scholars have agreed that audible recitation is very important; as it’s the basis of the act of recitation of the Quran, and it significantly enhances our absorbance of all the goodness the Quran offers us: a better understanding of how to live our lives, and a much more peaceful heart.

Quran tutors and specialized religious scholars at certified Islamic academic institutions such as Quran House will help you practice your recitation to perfection, through a set of courses that work together to help you acquire the skills needed to recite the Quran like a native Arab person.

Misconceptions and clarifications around the proper way of Quran recitation:

There are many misconceptions around the proper way of reciting the Quran, and it’s important to clarify these misunderstandings; as they can lead Muslims to do some acts of worship in a wrong way:

1- Mental recitation of the Quran during prayers:

Many people believe that mental recitation of the Quran during performing prayers is valid, but that’s not true. It’s invalid to recite the Quran in our minds, without moving our lips and tongues.

The reason behind this is due to the act of recitation of the Quran being mandatory while performing prayers, and the act of recitation isn’t complete without using the articulation system to produce the sounds.

2- Mental recitation equals audible recitation:

It’s a common false belief that mental recitation and audible recitation are equal and interchangeable, but that is not true at all; as each of them is preferred during certain circumstances.

One is preferred to recite the Quran out loud if he is alone, or in the company of those who would like to listen to his recitation. On the other hand, one is advised to read the Quran in a quiet voice, or even do mental recitation in case those around him are not ready to listen to the Quran for whatever reason.

All the benefits we gain from reading the Quran are linked to the manner of carrying out the act of recitation itself, which is instructed clearly for Muslims to follow. Therefore, reciting the Quran in our minds is permissible, and preferred in a few cases only. 

Such matters are always cleared out by prominent Muslim scholars; such as the ones on the following websites:





We are well aware that this issue is complicated, with several layers, and many details; so, for more information, take a tour around our website. You will definitely come across an answer to your every question.


-Does reading the Quran in your head count?

It’s valid as an interaction with the Quran, and rewarded accordingly, but isn’t considered recitation of the Quran.

-Can you read the Quran silently?

Yes, you can read the Quran silently, and in order to be counted as an actual recitation, just move your lips and tongue and use them to articulate the sounds.

-Can I read the Quran in my head?

Yes, you can read the Quran in your head, but it’s not called reading the Quran, but is a mere interaction with it.

-Can you read the Quran without moving your lips?

Yes, you can read the Quran without moving your lips.


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