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The battle of Badr – Best Explanation Of The Whole Story

The battle of Badr – All You Need To Know

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This article discusses the Battle of Badr which is one of the major battles in Islamic history. We will highlight the most important events and extract the lessons behind the battle’s story.

Introduction | The Battle Of Badr In Islam

The Battle of Badr is one of the greatest and most popular battles that took place between Muslims and the Quraysh tribe. It is considered an outstanding historic victory for Muslims that caused a remarkable change in the Muslim community and the surrounding lands. 

The Battle of Badr practically proved that victory is neither solely achieved by a great numbered nor a highly equipped army. However, it is achieved by strong faith and Allah’s guidance in the first place.

The Battle of Badr raised awareness of the strong presence of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula and the world. It paved the way for Muslims to reinforce the Islamic state and establish Islamic teachings.

The Battle of Badr In The Quran

The Battle of Badr was mainly mentioned in the Quran in Surah Al-Anfal. Surah Al-Anfal narrated the events of The Battle from the very beginning till the end. It also shows how Allah (SWT) has guided Muslims, supported them with numerous angels, and blessed them to achieve victory over Quraysh.

Besides, Surah Al-Imran reminded  Muslims of Allah’s favor in the Battle of Badr to reinforce their determination at the Battle of Uhud.

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The Battle of Badr Facts

The Battle of Badr was extremely miraculous, and there is a set of facts that makes this Battle very unique and special.

1. The Battle of Badr Is One Of The Battles Mentioned By Name In The Quran

Muslims had fought several battles at the time of the Quran’s revelation. Yet, The Battle of Badr is one of the battles specifically mentioned by its name in the Quran. In fact, the Quran has commented on many other battles without directly mentioning their names.

Allah (SWT) said: “And already had Allāh given you victory at [the battle of] Badr while you were weak [i.e., few in number]. Then fear Allāh; perhaps you will be grateful.” (Quran 3:123)

2. The Battle Of Badr The First Real Major Confrontation Between Muslims And Quraysh

Before the Battle of Badr, Muslims had confronted several disbeliever groups in small numbers. However, the Battle of Badr is considered the first real battle between the new Islamic state and Quraysh tribe’s disbelievers.

3. It Was Not Intended At The Beginning – What caused the battle of Badr?

Actually, the battle of Badr was not intended to be a war at the beginning. It was only a simple intention of Muslims to interrupt a Quraysh tribe caravan that was passing near Madinah. This caravan held a great amount of Muslims’ money that Quraysh captured after Muslims had left for Hijra. When Quraysh knew of Muslims’ intention, they prepared a great army to fight them.

4. Muslims Were Outnumbered By The Quraysh Army

At the Battle of Badr, Muslims were very small in number compared to Quraysh’s army. Muslim army was about 313 while Quraysh’s army was nearly 1000. That’s why Muslims’ victory over Quraysh was considered miraculous and mainly caused by Allah’s intervention.

When and Where did the battle of Badr take place?

The Battle of Badr occurred on the 17th of the month of Ramadan in the second year after Hijra. It happened near the well of Badr in a region between Makkah and Madinah.

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What Happened Before The Battle Of Badr?

Before the Battle of Badr, Muslims intended to interrupt a caravan for Quraysh to retrieve their stolen money and to reinforce the Islamic state’s position among Arabs. However, Abu Sufyan -the leader of Quraysh’s caravan- knew of the Muslims’ plans and requested help from Quraysh in Makkah. 

Quraysh prepared a great army to fight Muslims. At the same time, Abu Sufyan succeeded to escape the Muslim group and sent for Quraysh to return back to Makkah. However, Quraysh refused to return back and proceeded to establish their identity and ruin the Islamic state.

Muslims were faced with two difficult choices; whether to return back to Madinah and give Quraysh the opportunity to attack them or to face Quraysh with their small, unprepared army.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) gathered his companions and asked for their opinions. All the companions agreed to defend against Quraysh’s huge army.

It was narrated that Sa’d Ibn Muaz (a leader of Al-Ansar who are the original residents of Madinah) said: “If you wish we navigate with you through the seas O Allah’s Prophet, we would do”.

When the Muslim army reached Badr, one of the prophet’s companions called ‘Al-Hubab Ibn Al-Munzir’ suggested Muslims would camp at the well of Badr to get used of its water and keep Quraysh away from it at the same time.

What Happened At The Beginning of The Battle of Badr?

At the beginning of the Battle of Badr, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) extensively prayed to Allah (SWT) to grant victory for Muslims.

When the Muslims and Quraysh groups met together, three of each group stepped forward to duel with swords. The three Muslim warriors defeated the disbeliever ones, which was a great encouraging start for Muslims, and a failing start for Quraysh.

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How Did Allah Help Muslims In The Battle of Badr?

Allah (SWT) has mentioned in Surah Anfal that He had greatly supported Muslims on the day of Badr. We will list some of them in the following paragraphs:

  • The boost in Muslims’ morale

Allah (SWT) revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that Muslims would achieve victory and let His Prophet see the places of Quraysh’s leaders’ murder. This elevated Muslims’ morale and greatly encouraged them.

  • The fall of rain:

Allah (SWT) had sent rain over the Muslims’ army the night before the battle. That is to purify them and fix the earth below their feet.

Allah (SWT) said in Surah Al-Anfal: “And He sent down rain from the sky to purify you, free you from Satan’s whispers, strengthen your hearts, and make ˹your˺ steps firm” (Quran 8:11)

  • The descendence of Angels:

Allah (SWT) supported the small Muslim army with a great number of angels. These angels were shaped in the figure of human beings,  and sometimes took the shape of one of the well-known prophet’s companions.

Allah (SWT) said in Surah Al-Anfal: “˹Remember˺ when you cried out to your Lord for help, He answered, “I will reinforce you with a thousand angels—followed by many others.” (Quran 8:9)

Allah (SWT) didn’t only descend His angels, He (SWT) also ordered his angels to support and encourage Muslims throughout the battle. He (SWT) said: “Recall: your Lord revealed to the angels, “Surely, I am with you, so support those who have attained faith. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who have denied” (Quran 8:12)

  • The Prophet’s grab of dust:

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) grabbed some dust in his hands and sprinkled them over the Quraysh army where it spread over their heads and in the eyes of each member of the army by the will of Allah (SWT).

Allah (SWT) commented on that in the Quran saying: “Nor was it you ˹O Prophet˺ who threw ˹a handful of sand at the disbelievers˺,1 but it was Allah Who did so” (Quran 8:17)

Who Won The Battle Of Badr?

Muslims won the Battle of Badr despite their unprepared and small numbers compared to Quraysh’s well-equipped army. 

The Battle ended with 70 of Quraysh killed and 70 captured. On the other hand, Muslim martyrs were only 14. 

Muslims gained a lot of spoils in Badr, and that was the first time they achieved such great success. Surah Al-Anfal was revealed to teach Muslims how to divide the battle’s spoils.

Why Was the Battle of Badr So Important to Muslims?

The battle of Badr was important for Muslims as it was a strategic and political shift in the new Islamic state. Muslims learned they could defeat disbelievers and defend themselves no matter their small number. On the other hand, the Muslim power became recognized by Quraysh,  the surrounding tribes, and even the great empires of Romans and Persians.

This gave Muslims the opportunity to establish their state confidently and allowed Islam to spread at a more considered pace.

What Is The Other Name Of The Battle of Badr?

The Battle of Badr was also named ‘Al-Furqan’. Al-Furqan is an Arabic word that means distinction, separation, and segregation between the truth and the falsehood. This name was actually given by Allah (SWT) in Surah Al-Anfal verse 41.

Lessons From The Battle of Badr

The battle of Badr encompasses a great number of lessons that every Muslim should learn by heart.

1. A Leader should consult his team

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) didn’t force his companions into the battle. However, he consulted them and asked their opinions, especially in their difficult circumstances at Badr.

2. A Muslim’s strong faith is a way to victory

Muslims at the battle of Badr had a strong faith in Allah (SWT). They performed Tawakkul and believed victory is neither due to their strength nor their number, it is due to Allah /(SWT). 

3. Ramadan is a month of Jihad, not laziness

The battle of Badr took place in Ramadan; the month of fasting. This teaches Muslims that Ramadan shouldn’t be a time for sleep and rest as many Muslims do nowadays. Ramadan is a suitable environment to get closer to Allah and do the best deeds.

4. Duaa is one of the greatest means of achieving victory

Before the battle of Badr, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) raised his hand and vigorously prayed to Allah. Besides, Muslims used to pray and perform duaa to Allah (SWT) to guide them and grant them victory.

That was clear in this Quran verse: “˹Remember˺ when you cried out to your Lord for help, He answered” (Quran 8:9)

Conclusion | Summary of the battle of Badr

The battle of Badr was the first real confrontation between Muslims and disbelievers. It is one of the greatest victories compiled in history.

It was not prepared and none of the participating Muslims knew it would end up in a war. However, Allah (SWT supported Muslims and granted them a great victory.

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